Four County Community Foundation is proud to announce that college scholarships totaling $292,300 have been awarded to over 160 students in the local area. The Foundation currently administers 62 scholarship funds for the benefit of students who graduate from the Almont, Armada, Capac, Dryden, Imlay City, Oxford, Richmond, or Romeo school districts. While the majority of these scholarships were awarded to the Class of 2020, some were also awarded to current college students.

Below are the scholarship totals by school district:

•Almont: 43 scholarships totalling $52,250

•Armada: 25 scholarships totalling $25,000

•Capac: 32 scholarships totalling $65,750

•Dryden: 12 scholarships totalling $16,000

•Imlay City: 49 scholarships totalling $54,800

•Oxford: one scholarship totalling $1,500

•Richmond: one scholarship totalling $8,000

•Romeo: 46 scholarships totalling $69,000

Some of the scholarships were awarded to students pursuing a specific field of study such as medicine, education, art, engineering, computer science, agriculture, history, or music. Scholarships were also available for students seeking vocational or technical training.

Scholarship applications were primarily due by March 1. The Foundation had fortunately already begun its application review process before schools were forced to close due to COVID-19. Scholarship committee meetings were conducted via telephone conferencing and technologies such as Zoom and Google Hangouts. In all, the Foundation’s scholarship review committees received more than 800 scholarship applications.

The Foundation would like to express its appreciation to all of their reviewers who spent time pouring over each application in order to make these scholarship awards possible. Your time and dedication are priceless!

If you are interested in starting a scholarship fund, or any type of fund that benefits your community, Four County Community Foundation can help. Please call their office at 810-798-0909 or visit for more information. For decades, generous donors have trusted the Foundation to help them achieve their philanthropic goals – now and forever.

If you or a family member has benefitted from a scholarship from Four County Community Foundation in the past, please consider contributing to a scholarship fund and help “pay it forward.” It is a wonderful way to thank Hilda Hill, the Murdie sisters, Marion & Robert Fischer, George & Vera Souten, Ruth Sayles, or any of the other dozens of generous donors who created scholarship funds at the Foundation.

—Micaela Boomer, Program Officer, Four County Community Foundation