Another round of the Michigan Department of Transportation’s (MDOT) lack of responsibility has been exposed.

Imlay City was in contact with MDOT in 2019 before and during the start of the fire hall construction. During all these months MDOT has played word games with the city. They played the traffic count game and more recently said they won’t be able to seek bids for the flashing traffic signal at M-53 and Borland Road until December of this year. They informed the city that they won’t be able to install the light until sometime next year. Our two state elected officials have been asked to intercede on behalf of the city but nothing has come of this yet.

I have studied the intersection of M-53 and Borland Rd. The first house behind the Dairy Queen is in line with the shopping center’s cross road and if a road were cut through that lot, this would allow the shopping center’s southbound traffic to exit the shopping center safely through the traffic light at Borland Road.

Somehow we need to organize and have state officials take action quickly.

—Stu Davis,
Imlay City