To understand how and why Donald Trump keeps from being driven out of his job, you have to remember that the political party he represents has been and continues to be financed by the extreme wealthy.

They make certain that by force or by fraud, their interests are first and foremost.

No laws are passed or enforced that would apply to them, and that any laws that might have applied are corrupted by the appointments of right-wing judges.

How did this happen? It is through the control of public information and the nature of the human psyche.

They do it through more than 80 “think tanks” that have developed a system of deceptive manipulation. Through their ability to hypnotize many Americans on such a grand scale, they have created a close minded population unable to discern right from wrong.

These are people who can attend a Christian church service, yet completely disassociate their religious teachings from their Trump “fixation.”

In the 1950s and 1960s, advertisers came up with subliminal messaging by inserting between frames of a movie, suggestions that a product such as popcorn or cola, can create an urge to buy those products.

This method has been refined and is now inserted in Trump-friendly programming and the result is a cult-like following.

—Joe Tribula