On Wednesday, April 29, I went to get the COVID-19 antibody test done. It came back positive and I still have the virus in me, so I am a carrier of it. My husband was also tested. He had the virus, but it’s not active in him.

I was sick in early March and couldn’t get the test then. When I was, I was down for about 3 weeks and now I’ll have to stay home for another three weeks. I have been in the house since the 13th of March. Whenever I had to go out I wear a mask and gloves.

I think the governor is doing a great job and I wish more people would do what she is saying.

I was sick and know how it felt, but my husband only had a fever, no cough or shortness of breath. Everyone is different.

Please let the public know—you can have it and still feel fine.

—Name withheld,