During recent months, our community, our state, our country, as well as the entire planet, have experienced an unprecedented battle with an unseen enemy by the name of COVID-19. During these challenging times, we have been required to take extreme measures that have had a profound effect on our everyday lives. Just as expected, you have risen to the challenge and the defeat of this despicable virus is inevitable.

As a result, so many people have been designated as essential workers who continued to take on the battle to the front lines. So many once unappreciated heroes emerged, such as retail store employees, truck drivers, delivery people as well as the medical (and support) professionals, fire fighters, emergency medical technicians, police officers and so many more.

During this pandemic, we, as most police agencies, had to make schedule and response adjustments to ensure we continue to meet the needs of the public. These last months so many people/organizations have offered their support to our department. We have had food, sanitation supplies, as well as many, many words of encouragement to us.

We would like to thank Realty Executives Main Street (Chantel Fick & Doug Ferrell), Moore’s Auto Detailing, Maryland Fried Chicken, Family Dollar Store, Imlay City Kroger, Vintech Industries, Keri Bird, Sam’s Club of Port Huron, Backyard Creations, Martino Home Improvements, and so many more people that never left their names.

We are truly honored to serve such a caring, and respectful community. So from the bottom of all of our hearts, thank you so very much.

—Scott R. Pike,
Chief of Police,
Imlay City Police Department