Currently we are in a lockdown because of the coronavirus. In my opinion the restrictions are, for the most part, criminal. Why are people in counties with few infections on a total lockdown?

As of April 18, forty-one percent of counties in Michigan have less than 10 persons reported to have the coronavirus and seven counties have no cases.

In July of 1967 martial law was declared because of the riots in Detroit. As I recall, the only counties affected were in the immediate area, not the entire state. The restrictions were very minimal in the areas not directly involved in the rioting—a common sense and reasonable decision.

What I am seeing in this state now reminds me of what I saw in Moscow in the spring of 1976 on a business trip. People standing in line for blocks to get two rolls of toilet paper and no one talking for fear they may say or do something, be reported and go to jail.

When the Michigan legislature voted to extend the governor’s executive order she failed to inform them that she intended to implement more stringent regulations. I do not believe that the extension would have passed with these additional regulations.

Governor Whitmer has overstepped her bounds, which has resulted in at least one federal lawsuit. The people of the state have also spoken and she had better listen; if not, I can see more lawsuits.

I encourage readers to look at the facts and make up your own mind. I have made up my mind and cannot wait for the election of 2022.

—Joe Pilchak,