I am the parent of a high school senior with a part time job delivering take out food from a local restaurant. Like the rest of the kids his age, he is missing sports, prom, graduation and most of all his friends. When he asked if he could continue working we were hesitant and nervous but figured it would be good for him to get out and feel somewhat normal.

Last week he delivered food to a customer who did not give him a tip and yes, I understand that “tipping” is purely optional. To avoid spreading or being infected with coronavirus, our Governor issued an Executive Order to “Shelter in Place” and we are being told not to leave our homes unless it is absolutely necessary to keep everybody safe. These delivery drivers are allowing us to do just that. So when a young man comes to your door
wearing a mask and gloves with $53 in hot food so you can “Stay Home, Stay Safe” the least you could do is give him a tip to thank him.

—Name Withheld, Almont