I was surprised at the number of vehicles in the caravan that descended on our state capital last week to protest our governor’s actions to control the coronavirus in Michigan. It appears the “Me First” generation was out in force. I believe these are some of the people who feel the rules of our society do not apply to them. Their wants and their needs are foremost in their minds, not their responsibilities.

They were not protecting themselves or their children as demonstrated on the sidewalks of Lansing during the protest, few masks were evident and social distancing guidelines appeared to be ignored. I think it’s obvious they felt no responsibility to protect themselves or, in turn, others. Do you think they have any empathy for the doctors and nurses who are putting their health, lives, and that of their families in jeopardy during this pandemic? Will these protesters, after mingling with the crowds in Lansing, go shop at a Walmart, Kroger or Meijer this week, putting these employees at a higher risk of infection? Those employees are willing to risk the virus and ensure we have groceries in our kitchens.

Our governor’s mandates are more stringent than other states, but we have the third highest number of cases in the country. As of now, the only way to stop this virus is not to allow it new victims and that is what the Governor is trying to do. We can accomplish this if all of us comply with the mandates.

We all want businesses to reopen and everyone back to work. Who do think want it more—all of us who have been sequestered the last five or six weeks, or the “me firsters” on the streets of Lansing?

—Tom Janicki,