Dear Republican legislators of Michigan, apparently, it was important to you to recently rush to Lansing to put a check on the governor’s “power grab” because she shouldn’t have the right to exercise emergency powers until the end of June, due to COVID-19.

While you are patting yourselves on the back for “reigning in” the governor, please consider this.

This pandemic is killing people, and Michigan is near the top of the list of states in the worst shape and likely to suffer many more deaths. If you look at what works against this lethal disease, it is isolating people from one another, and for a long period of time.

Are you guys scientists? Doctors? Experts on pandemics?

You could support this governor who made the tough and “unpopular” choice to isolate us. She is following what science demands we do.
But, you know, people are tired of quarantine and want to end this dark time, so it appears you seemingly demand the ability to “give the people what they want,” smart or not.

Please don’t make this political and please don’t paint this action as making you heroes of democracy or champions of the people.

Work with the governor and science.

—Gary A. Medland,
Alcona Township