Two weeks ago, when I read Carolyn Medland’s letter (“My hands are raw from washing,” April 1), I was irritated. Seriously, how is the virus’s spread Trump’s fault?

After reading letters from John Lengemann and Bruce David in response to her letter in last week’s edition, I’m glad they responded. I agree with them 100%.

Isn’t it the responsibility of each hospital to have enough supplies on hand? To be fair, hospitals are a business. They keep enough supplies on hand for everyday events. Nobody expected this.

Each state’s governor has the responsibility to run their state the way it is best for them. Yet, some blame Trump for their lack of preparedness. I am very proud of my president. Because, regardless of all the criticism he is taking for this, he has gone overboard, to give each state everything they have asked for.

This virus is a temporary setback. But, we will rebound, stronger than ever.

—Wally Maslowsky
Almont Twp.