Newscasters are talking about a disease from China. I chuckle. Here is a name I can remember—coronavirus. It sounds like a beer!

China offers information worldwide about this virus.

A cruise ship brings the virus to our shores. I’m safe. I hate cruises.

Trump previously disbanded the country’s pandemic response team who would have reacted to this threat. We have no plan, no team.

I read up on precautions. Wash my hands. A lot.

Trump calls criticisms of his response to the virus as a “hoax” at a rally.

This is serious. The virus is very contagious and lethal to people my age.

At White House briefings, the nation’s top scientist, Dr. Fauci, is caught putting his head in his hands as Trump tells another falsehood.

I have a nightmare about getting sick. My fear? That coronavirus attacks your lungs, and I won’t be able to breathe.

Trump says that governors should find ventilators and safety equipment for nurses and doctors because he is not a shipping clerk. Plus, you better appreciate me.

I stay at home. We stock up on groceries using the “senior time” to shop. I wonder when we will hear that someone we know has died of the virus.

At one point Trump thinks he wants to end our lockdown. He argues that the “cure can’t be worse than the problem.” Pundits who agree say that elders should be willing to die to save the stock market.

My hands are raw from so much washing.

— Carolyn Medland
Lapeer Twp.