Living with uncertainty is bringing me down. I am a planner. How can I plan anything when every day I wake up to different parameters and damage reports? Of one thing I am certain, society is about to find out what it’s like to pare down our material items and make the best of what we have right here and now.

This feels like a bad sci-fi movie that has me playing a middle-aged mom full of sadness for my child missing out on her senior year of high school, depressed to miss a spring break vacation, and full of rage at whomever is responsible for this nightmare.

I suppose it makes no sense to play the blame game. The facts are out there, figure it out for yourself because no one will believe anything that goes against their own belief system. And now all we get to do is wait and see when, if and how life will go back to what it was on January 1, 2020 before this COVID-19 or whatever you want to call it began.

This is history folks, like it or not. We are a part of something that has never happened before. We are seeing the good AND bad in people’s characters. I get the feeling that not all those in charge are being forthright because there are too many conflicting stories. That said, we may never really know the truth behind this crisis. Personally, I don’t think it was just some random act of nature that propelled us to this position.

However, we need to come together (but not more than 6 feet) to keep our sanity. What else can we do? We are all in the same boat. Most of us anyway. Once this mess shakes out we will see who the heroes are, who the “haves” and “have nots” are, who was willing to help who, and who benefitted from this disaster at another’s expense.

In terms of a stalled economy and loss of jobs, remember they can’t get blood out of a turnip and in a lot of cases there will be help from many places, so don’t fret. Again, we are all affected by this. Life will go on, and maybe we will all be just a little more thankful for what we have.

Stay healthy!

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