As I stated in an earlier letter to the editor, the resolution making Lapeer County a Second Amendment Sanctuary County is a statement and not a ploy. There are several bills being considered in Lansing that would restrict the rights of citizens to own, purchase and carry firearms for personal protection. Law-abiding citizens and gun owners in Michigan have every right to be concerned.

In the March 4 edition of the Tri-City Times, a letter writer from Almont stated that county leaders are “more concerned about the merest possibility that someone in this county, no matter how deranged, may be deprived of a firearm than that rights of schoolchildren, our Walmart shoppers, our churchgoers…”

I don’t believe everyone understands the requirements to purchase a firearm. When purchasing a firearms from a Federal Firearm Licensed dealer, you must complete a Firearms Transaction Record that asks many questions as to if you’re the actual buyer, have a criminal history, are a drug user or illegal alien. After this form is filled out then there is a background check conducted.

I am an Michigan certified firearms instructor. My students have included doctors, lawyers, clergymen, nurses, retired state correction officers, teachers and even a federal law enforcement officer. I do not believe I would want to call any of these people deranged.

—Joseph Pilchak,