These are unsettling times. In just a matter of days, a virus has seemingly upended our every day lives. We knew COVID-19 was coming to our shores from what seemed like faraway places but the developments and consequences from this fierce illness came much quicker than most of us probably expected.

The recommended restrictions were fast and furious and, for many, it seemed like Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s decision to order school closures for the next three weeks really opened everyone’s eyes to the seriousness of the situation. As the number of cases rise with each passing day, it’s pretty apparent that the necessary measures had to be taken before they even seemed necessary, and as many health experts have noted, the general public might still believe that it was all an overreaction in the end, especially if it works.

From our perspective it would almost be easier to write about the few places that remain open rather than list all the cancellations and postponements. When the new week dawned, all that uncertainty was met with some bright spots. School districts finalized their plans to start distributing food to children and restaurants began offering free meals for youngsters too. Teachers and organizations are offering whatever remote services and programming that they can for families. Organizations like the Hispanic Service Center and some food pantries will be doing what they can to help those in need during these trying times too.

To be honest we’re not sure how we’ll go about gathering and reporting the news in the coming weeks. We are committed to keeping the community informed and, to a small extent, hopefully entertained but we also need to think about our wellbeing and that of our families too.

We’re thinking of the hospital staff, first responders, government officials and even the store clerks, cashiers and truck drivers who will be helping the sick and those trying to stay well in the weeks ahead.

Be smart and stay safe.