Today, Feb. 26, starts the season of Lent, 40 days of preparation for the most holy of days, Easter Sunday.

In our mundane lives many of us don’t consider God’s gift of his son to us. Many of us become so preoccupied in our daily lives that Jesus is only something we once heard of as children in some form of religious education but that was years ago and not really important anymore. Our health is good, we have a good marriage, good job, and life is rosy. Why do we need God? Someday we may think about him but not now. Our great life is going super. But is it? We all hope Murphy’s Law never takes up residence in our home. That could put a real crimp in our style.

Maybe we can make a new style. Maybe this Lenten season could be more meaningful and lead to a spiritual renewal. As Lent begins Catholics will attend Mass on Ash Wednesday and, along with others, will receive an imprint of ashes on their foreheads with words reminding us of our human frailty and to repent of our sins. Ashes show the world we acknowledge our life on this world is not permanent, and life in Christ is our ultimate goal. Prayerfully awaiting Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection from the dead may lead us that spiritual renewal, remembering Jesus died for us unworthy wretches.

Think again about this.

—David Naeyaert,