Following Mitt Romney’s impeachment vote, President Trump, Senate Republicans and even some local Republicans called Mr. Romney a loser. Romney said he drew on his conscience and religious beliefs before making a decision. In the eyes of many Republicans this makes him a loser. If having your moral compass guide you makes you a loser, our society is in serious trouble.

A letter to the editor in the Feb. 19 edition, “Honesty doesn’t work in politics,” mentioned Romney’s presidential campaign, his dog and his lack of guts. I don’t recall the dog but I do recall our struggle to recover from George W. Bush’s administration. We were fighting two wars, the banks had crashed, millions of people were losing their homes, businesses were closing and millions of people were losing their jobs. President Obama bailed out two auto manufacturers and the banks. At that point voters weren’t ready or willing to return to another Republican administration. If Abe Lincoln were reincarnated and ran, I don’t think he could have won that election either.

Romney’s accomplishments in public life are quite notable. He was asked to take on the seemingly impossible task of the turnaround man for the scandals that plagued the 2002 winter Olympics in Utah.

He was then elected Governor of Massachusetts in 2002 and served one term. This is one of the “bluest” states in the nation. The state was facing a deficit in the billions when he took office and when he left, they had a sizeable surplus in the rainy-day fund. The voters called him Mighty Mitt and they respected his morality. Would you agree with Trump and the others badmouthing Romney? Is this man a loser?

—Tom Janicki,