A hearty handshake, a hand-written thank you note or a smile filled with gratitude. Volunteers and community servants really feel a sense of accomplishment when these and other gestures of thanks come their way. Knowing just how you’ve made a positive difference in someone’s life motivates you to do even more.

But sometimes the impact of one’s work can’t be measured or time and distance prevent a personal connection between giver and recipient. In spite of that, the really dedicated people keep on giving and serving, not expecting any kind of grand recognition. The 2019 recipients of Imlay City Chamber of Commerce’s annual awards all embody that spirit and so honoring their work at Saturday’s gala felt exceedingly special.

Ron Rickard has given of his time to an array of groups and organizations for the past 40-plus years in official capacities but it’s clear that he’s made a lasting impact in time out of the spotlight too, particularly when it comes to mentoring and encouraging young people.

Users of the Polly Ann Trail likely appreciate the upgrades that have been made to the rail-trail but probably don’t know that people like Barb Yockey and Frank Demske have made it possible thanks to their involvement with fundraisers and promotion of the trail.

Logistics make it impossible for Ag Community Relief to hand deliver all the donations they collect for farmers and ranchers in need but they’re driven to keep spreading the word and inspiring others to help their neighbors too. Through social media, recipients can pass along their thanks whether in the next state or around the globe.

Credit has been given where it’s due with this year’s Chamber awards and we’re proud to call them neighbors and friends.