Editor’s note: The following New Year’s-themed pieces were submitted by Imlay City Middle School students.

Goals for 2020
Ashley Santana
This year (2019) has been great but I have not accomplished most of the goals that I wanted.
One of the first goals that I would like to accomplish for the upcoming year is to spend more time with my family. Over the years I haven’t spent much time with them because they do live in other states and they can only come during the holiday breaks.
Another goal for the year 2020 is to enjoy my sister’s big party, her quinceañera that she is going to be having in June of 2020. All of the beginning of the year of 2020 we will be super busy because of this party and all the planning but when the big day comes I hope to enjoy it as well as my family and our friends.
A third goal I’d like to accomplish is to get more friends. Almost every year I end up getting lots of new friends but I don’t end up vibing with them so I do end up losing them. But I hope to accomplish this goal.
My last and final goal is to try and go to Mexico. I’ve been wanting to go to Mexico for years and never have been able to go but in this upcoming year, I hope my mom can consider it and will let me go. These are all my goals for the year 2020. What are your goals?

Dear Future Me
Ayleen Hernandez
In the year 2020, I’m hoping for many things such as finally going to Mexico and to continue getting good grades in school.
First of all, I really want to go to Mexico. I haven’t gone in seven years and I’m hoping to go next year. When I am there I get to meet a lot of new people who are very fun to hang out with, I also have family members that I haven’t seen in a long time. My family and I used to have Christmas in Mexico, it was great. We went caroling with lots of other people all of December, we also went to church on Christmas Eve, and on Christmas morning we opened presents and had friends and family over for dinner.
I also want to continue getting good grades at school so that I can get into a good school. Ever since I was eight years old Brown and Penn State have been my dream schools. If I do make it into Brown my sister wants to go to Columbia so we would still be near each other, and if I get into Penn State my sister also wants to go there as well.
I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my goals for the new year!

Hopes and Goals
Emily Welch
My goals and hopes for this coming New Year is to keep my head high but not too high to the point where I’m living in the clouds. I want my New Year to be happier I believe it’s been too long since I’ve been happy I must say that my family is great but I can never seem to find the happiness that I crave from myself. I guess all I want from the New Year is to be a great year, me being able to see friends that I want to see. Having a better relationship with friends and to get my happiness back from the thief that stole it.

Hopes and Goals for 2020
Arabella Deladurantaye
I have a couple of hopes and goals for 2020 that I would like to accomplish, for example: to study more; get on a better sleep schedule; stay away from toxic people; babysit more; study a little more to keep my grades up; get rid of any bad habits I may have; find something I like to do; read more; write a story; meet my favorite actor in Chicago; spend more time with my friends after school (not just in school); focus more in class; visit family and be more positive.
I have more goals and hopes for 2020, but these are more than half of them, I hope to achieve most of them.

My 2020 goals
Cory H.
For the new year, some of my goals are to make the 07 Flint Firebirds, also to play in the state games again, and I would also like to get all A’s. I think these goals are very good for me to set so I can work towards something.

My 2020 Goals
Dylan T. Mays
My 2020 goals list comprises things that I want or think I should achieve. I have many things that I want to do and have fun doing.
I want to get healthy and to have a more active lifestyle, such as exercise more and be happier. This will make me happier with myself.
I want to repeat what I did last year, but better. Get all A’s, last year I had A’s and B’s, and get presidential fitness level again, I like doing good in school so I’m trying to get all A’s.
I want to be nicer and happier around people and try to help my friends and family be happier and have a better year with them.
Have a cleaner home and bedroom, try to stay cleaner than last year and play more sports like football and tryout for baseball.
And finally, I want to meet more people and make more friends and have a positive year with those new friends, also try to see them more out of school and have more fun with them.

2020 Goals
Cody Jacobsen
Some of my goals for 2020 are to spend more time with Ruger, my dog because he is getting pretty old for a dog. Since we got a new puppy that Ruger is not a fan of, he has seemed sad because we are spending a lot of time with Remmy the new dog and a lot less time with him. Another goal of mine is to start training Remmy so that she turns out, just as good of a dog as Ruger is right now. Those are my two most important goals but a few more of my goals would be to beat my record for the longest time spent underwater and to not crash on the four-wheeler or go-cart. One of my hopes this year is that I get a lot of the things on my Christmas list for Christmas. Another of my goals is that I will get a better GPA than my sister in high school. My very last goal for 2020 it to make some very good spears and to make a place to hang out with my dogs and brothers in the woods at my dad’s house.

Kaden Powers
My hopes and dreams for 2020 are to win all my tournaments in wrestling this year and to get a ton of gold medals. And to go to states and win 1st place and go to all the camps to learn a lot of moves and make me even better. And get a customized singlet and shoes to wear at my tournaments. And also have a good Christmas and get lots of presents. And get to be able to be the best wrestler. And also have time to go outside and play with all of my cousins and play video games as well. And eat all of my grandma’s cookies and open presents before Christmas.

My Goals For 2020
Kate Johnson
I have a lot of goals for 2020, some are for school, some are for dance, and some are for me. Everyone has at least one goal in their life and I have about ten goals. My goals for 2020 are: challenge myself more; try to spend more time with family; try to stay off the Wi-Fi; try harder in school; spend time with my friends; save my money; be more kind; donate my unwanted clothes/toys; clean my room once a month and be nicer to my brothers.
Those are my goals for 2020 I hope you have goals too. Happy New Year!

My Hopes for 2020
Kara Broder
I have some hopes for the year 2020. My hopes mostly go with some of my hobbies and things I want to start doing. Some of them are also to do good things by helping myself and helping others. The hopes I have for 2020 are: my 2020 cosplans; draw better; keep my room clean; get good grades; learn to make clothes; make people happy; make new friends; get better at cosplay; face some of my fears and get a puppy.
These are my goals for 2020.

A plan for the New Year
Marcus Marzetti
Many good things happened in 2019 and bad things that happened in 2019, but everyone can agree that 2020 will be a good new year for people who had a rough 2019.
I hope that everyone has a good New Year. I want to have a better year than 2019. I hope that my Youtube channel can grow.
I want my family to have a great New Year. I hope that every family has a great New Year.

My Goals for 2020
Tanner Land
I have many, hopes and goals for 2020. Most of them are in this list right here: make it to states for wrestling; not have any drama at school; try to catch a big fish when I go to Alabama; make the basketball team; to work out and get stronger; get higher than a 3.8 GPA for school; get better at all my sports; have better behavior at school; try to be less annoying to my brother; try to be less afraid of sharks.

My hopes for the New Year
Ellianna Tatro
My hope for the New Year 2020 is for me to get better at skateboarding, and for us to get the new lockers put in thanks to the bond proposal. Another thing I hope for in the New Year is us to start making the new performing arts studio in the high school. The next thing I hope for in the New Year is that I can get my room redone. My last hope is that everyone has a good 2020!

Hopes and Goals for 2020
Sarah S.
Some of my hopes and goals are to have no missing work in school, but some of my goals have already come true. I got straight A’s and I haven’t had any missing work, so I’m pretty proud of myself. Other goals for 2020 are to continue to be a good student throughout the year and to stay out of drama. Also, I will not get any F’s or D’s in class for the whole year. I hope to stay healthy, unlike last year. I missed school for almost 2 weeks because I was so sick. I hope that my friends’ hopes and goals workout because some of my friends are having a hard time. I know that middle school can be hard. I just hope that this year will be a great year! It’s been a good year so far. My friends and I have become closer and closer and I have great teachers. I just really hope that this year will be the best!