“We’re going to see Theresa Caputo, I got us tickets lady,” my friend says. We had just finished seeing a psychic medium who gave me somewhat valid info from the other side. Either that or she is really good at guessing what I need to hear. Yes, I know a lot of people don’t believe in the ability to communicate with those who have passed over but I do, to an extent. I have experienced enough to know that it can happen. I’ve seen people who do possess this ability and I’ve seen people who think they do but are just really good at guessing vague innuendos that make someone believe they are authentic psychics and/or mediums.
The Long Island medium, Theresa Caputo, has been put to the test and seemingly she is legit. We will be center stage row 11 so I expect the strong personalities around me that have passed over will get her attention and I’ll be a real judge of her legitimacy. I’ll report back on that the end of April.
So back to the psychic/medium Melissa who we just saw, she said a few things that meant nothing to me but then hit on a couple that there is no way she could have known…maybe a good guess but she knew my mom and dad were both gone, that they had been separated here on earth, but said my mom wanted me to know they were together again and all was well with them. She also answered my question about how my aunt passed, which was her heart stopping while she was sleeping and that she did not suffer and validated that by knowing she was the youngest of all the sisters. She also told me that my mom wanted me to know the number 11 was very special and for whatever reason I should pay attention when I see that number. Oddly enough, I am helping a music artist and producer with her public relations whose stage name is NIK:11. Could be coincidence. I am not sure. But just another statement to consider whether or not it is true that those on the other side exist.
Until something happens in your life that validates a belief you have, you probably won’t really believe it. But for me, I cannot shake off all that I’ve seen already and not believe that we live on after our body dies. I have seen so many signs of life after death I cannot keep count. There is no way when we die, that is it. Done, lights out. Our energy just changes form, just like everything else on this planet, matter never really goes away, it just changes shape or form. Right? So why would it be any different when we die? Our physical matter turns to dust while our energy or soul moves on. Any physicists out there care to chime in. Let me know your thoughts. Let this be our year of discovery!
Happy New Year!
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