Imlay City Middle School students

Editor’s note: Please enjoy the following holiday-themed submissions from Imlay City Middle School students. Unfortunately, space constraints prevented us from being able to print all of them here but we’ve posted the remainder on our website,

The Hoopin’ Christmas
Hannah Carney
On Christmas morning, I woke up and was so excited to open presents! I had the best Christmas ever in 2018. My parents surprised me with one of the best things in the world. It was…tickets to my favorite teams in NBA history! It was to the Golden State Warriors, and the Detroit Pistons game!
When I got there, it was so big inside! It was an awesome experience. I got to see some of my favorite players, right in front of my eyes! It was awesome!
I had so much fun with my family. Me and my dad were cheering for different teams though. He wanted the Detroit Pistons to win, I wanted the Golden State Warriors to win. The Detroit Pistons ended up winning though. It was still awesome though! I will never forget it!

Christmas I can’t forget
Vincent Guerin
My favorite Christmas memory is when my family had a snowball fight, went sledding and watched Christmas movies together. When we had a snowball fight, I had a snowball launcher and it could launch the snowball really far. We had lots of fun in the snowball fight. Then when we went sledding, the hill looked a lot like a mountain. So when we went down the hill we went super fast. So fast that my brother fell of the sled! We all laughed a bit then we went home to watch Christmas movies. That was one of my best Christmas memories ever.

My Christmas
Claire Kinzer
Every year my mom, my dad, my sister Myranda and me all go to Pennsylvania. We go to my grandparent’s house and my cousins come too. We normally stay till the day after Christmas. Last year my family and my grandparents woke up Christmas morning and we went downstairs and we started to open presents. My favorite was that I got a new kindle fire. Then after we go to my great-grandma’s house and that is when all of my family comes and we hang out and eat a lot of food. Then we go home to our house and then we have a big New Year’s Eve party.

A Cooking Christmas
Montanna Eads
One snowy Christmas morning in 2016 I woke up to see what was under the tree. But first I went and jumped on my mom’s and dad’s bed to wake them up! Finally we got to go downstairs and what did I see. A play kitchen, I loved it! I ran downstairs and keep playing with it. It had been an hour since we’ve been up and I hadn’t opened the other presents.I opened two and they were play food and drinks. So I served my mom and dad. When they tried to eat real food I would give them my play food!
I really like this memory because it is funny to think about it now. My mom and dad were probably really hungry. I also still play in it with my little sister and brothers!

A Christmas Miracle
Julia Metter
One Christmas Eve when my family goes to my great aunt’s house and see family, sing Christmas carols, and open a few presents. But my dad had to work one year and couldn’t go with us. My little sister and I were upset but still tried to have fun. But my dad’s work told everyone to go home and have a very Merry Christmas. It felt like a miracle because we are so close and everyone was so happy. My little sister and I were so happy he came and we both started crying because we were so happy. That is one of the most important memories to me.

Christmas day
Kenzee Mcbee
It’s a time for cheer,
That time is near,
I hear,
Christmas! It’s a time for joy,
A time for family and friends,
When that day is over it’s a new year again,
Till next time my friends
I will be back just wait for Christmas Day again.

Crazy Christmas
Grace E. Sample
My Crazy Christmas started like this.
Everyone was there ’twas a Holiday bliss,
Auntie and Grandpa cousins and all
The whole family big to small.
So it started out normal,
Then, BANG the lights went out!
All of a sudden I wanted to shout!!
Mama found candles, so it was ok,
I just hope we don’t have another
Crazy Christmas Day!

My favorite Christmas memory
Sam Bickmann
My favorite Christmas memory was in the year 2017, when I went to Florida for a family vacation to see my Grandpa. That was my favorite Christmas memory because it was warm in Florida, I got to see my Grandpa, and my family went to Disney World. And my family and I went to the beach. At the beach we collected many seashells and I built a sandcastle. At Disney World, I got to take pictures with some of my favorite characters, and I rode many fun rides. And it was also a good Christmas memory because we spent Christmas day there. On Christmas morning I got a really fun video game. And my Aunt had knitted me a blanket that I got for Christmas. This really was my best Christmas memory!

My Favorite Christmas memory
Omar Lopez
My favorite Christmas memory is in Mexico. I spend my Christmas there. We have this little tradition only in my mom’s small town. The things that we do are we go around and get candy and get presents from uncles or aunts. It is a small town with like 250 people including kids and adults. We all get in a line and sing. We dance and we go house to house and get candy. It is like Halloween just during Christmas and with more excitement and fun. The best part is we get to walk and spend time with friends and family, we do competitions in the back of the line and the front and see who sings the best and loudest.
I hope that I can learn other traditional things they do at Christmas time.

Christmas Joy
Aalyiah Guerrero
There is no better feeling than making your friends and family happy with the joy of Christmas. My favorite part about Christmas getting gifts for my friends and family and making them happy. I love seeing their faces light up when they open their gifts. When my mom and I go to the store and get presents for my friends. Since they are my friends I know exactly what they want and what to get them.

The Best Christmas
Trenna Bowman
One day, a few days before Christmas I woke up and I planned on going back to sleep but I smelled some delicious waffles cooking on the skillet and heard bacon sizzling on the stove. That drove me to wake up and go into the kitchen. When I walked into the kitchen I looked around and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. So then I went to the living room and there he stood. My big brother came home for Christmas. I hadn’t seen him for two years about to be three but then there he was, standing in front of me. I missed him so much for the past few years. Two birthday parties he wasn’t there. But I couldn’t be mad at him. And here he was. I started crying and I hugged him so tight.

Christmas Memories
Ava Hutchins
It’s here, It’s Here It’s Christmas.
Mom, Dad It’s Christmas day come on, come on!
We all went into the living room singing with joy and the spirit of Christmas.
The stockings were filled and the cookies were gone.
The presents were stacked as high as the Rocky Mountains.
It was the best Christmas ever.

My Christmas Memory
Kiley Schultz
One day, three years ago my favorite Christmas memory happened. The day before Christmas break, my brother came home for Christmas. It was the first time I saw him in a year. He was in the military and it was a surprise for me. He came into my classroom to surprise me. I turned around and there he was. I started to cry, and I hugged him so tight he said, “Kiley, I can’t breathe!” He retired from the military and now he is home.

Christmas Eve
Ginger Gottler
My excitement is high, my anxiety is too
’Twas the night before Christmas
and Santa will be here soon
As the first snow makes me feel blue

The smell of freshly baked cookies
drifted through the room
As the aroma arose
Everyone started to show

Ice covering the street
They turned on the heat
As it became dark
We came home from the park

Tomorrow I’ll go sledding at two
After I drink hot cocoa at noon
If all my Christmas wishes come true
Santa will bring me my very own Hot Air Balloon

The Snowy Christmas Day
Hailey Grigsby
Kids laughing while the snow fell
While parents shaking bells
People slipping on ice
It was bright outside with all the lights

While some people stay in their home
Being warm under blankets
By the fire
Spreading Christmas cheer

Santa in the sky
Waving goodbye
Kids and adults caroling in the streets
While other people are giving treats

People’s houses are decorated with lights
Oh they are so bright
Kids opening presents
Oh the kids are happy with cheer
On that snowy day, it was Christmas day

My Favorite Christmas Memory
Annamarie Mehl
My favorite Christmas memory was in 2018. That is when I got my cat. It was amazing because I had bugged my parents for years to get me one. On the 25th of December my parents finally decided to get me one as a gift. I started to cry I was so shocked. I thought they were joking because they had teased me about getting one for so long. All Christmas day I was hanging out with my new cat. He was black and white. I named him Faded. We went to the Tractor Supply store to get cat supplies. I picked out a blue collar and a blue blanket to wrap him up in since it was so cold outside. Faded had to get used to our dog so I would hold him until my dog was outside. Now, they are best friends. Last Christmas was the best because I finally got my first cat.

Favorite Christmas Memory
Margery R.
My favorite Christmas memory is the time when my aunt and I made gingerbread men cookies together. This is my favorite memory because it was fun. It was exciting when we got to go to the store and get all the supplies like colored icing and candy. It was also fun to mix all the ingredients together. I liked to decorate the gingerbread men because I could make them any character I wanted like Gingy from the movie Shrek or even the gingerbread girl from the book. I was happy to spend time with my aunt because I never get to see her much. She lives in Puerto Rico and also has a lot of stuff to do like go from place to place to help people who are homeless. I’m happy she helps people get well. Making gingerbread cookies with my aunt is my most favorite Christmas memory.

Christmas Tradition
Brooklyn Shroyer
Each year our family has Christmas Eve. All of my family on my mom’s side comes. My family all gathers around the table for a big meal. My mom spends all day cooking. We have ham, potatoes, green beans, corn, salad, and lots of desserts. It is very fun my cousins are there as well. We all spend time telling funny stories of the past. On Christmas Eve we each are given one present by my parents before bed. It is new pajamas to sleep in that night, slippers and a specially picked coffee mug that reminds my mom of us. We have hot chocolate before bed in our new mugs and watch the Christmas Story. I love Christmas Eve. It is a very special time in our house that we enjoy.

Christmas 2020
Jake Schmidt
I hope in 2020 Christmas the people that do not have money to get presents they can go somewhere and get free toys for their families so all kids can get a toy for Christmas so they do not get left out. They should make a big store of free toys so kids like that get a present.

Christmas 2020
Morgan Robertson
In 2020, I hope that all my family comes for the Christmas Party that we have every year. Because as the years go, people get busier, and they start not to come as often. I also hope that my sisters don’t spoil the gifts on Christmas. In 2020, I made a goal to get 15 houses with Christmas Carols with my church.

The Elf
Lillian Jones
One year, 2018 to be exact, something strange was happening around my Christmas tree. It seemed that some one was staring out of it. It was Christmas Eve so I could not stay up to investigate it so the next morning I went to investigate. I was the first one up and I saw a card labeled the Jones children. So I opened it and read it. It said
“Hi my name is Ember. I’m your elf on the shelf. I love to make messes and wear dresses. Santa sent me he said I get to stay longer.”
So from then on we’ve had every year our elf Ember sitting on our tree.

A Christmas Surprise
Lily Johnson
It was Christmas Eve, many years ago. I looked out my window to see no snow at all. That made me very sad. All I wanted was there to be snow and have a winter wonderland on Christmas morning. I didn’t want to fall asleep. I stayed up until 2 o’clock in the morning. Hours go by and I woke up. I got excited that it was Christmas morning, but then I remembered that there wasn’t going to be any snow. I pulled the curtain opened, and was shocked by what I saw. I saw snow! It looked like my house was inside a snow globe. I got super excited and I ran downstairs. I was still in shock that there was so much snow on the ground! That Christmas turned out to be a winter wonderland after all!

My Christmas Wish
James Flanigan
My Christmas wish is to have Christmas with the whole Family.

The best Christmas eve ever!
Jenna Wildie
I was 5 years old and i wished for a kitten.

What the Holiday Means to Me
Jillian Hill
As Christmas goes by pretty fast
None will be like in the past,
I thought It will be great, sense I’m 11
I thought that it would be like heaven,
Although My uncle went up there,
I wanted to spend it in sadness and despair.
But that was September, now it’s December and the Christmas Spirit is in me, and my family again

My First Christmas
Ruby Vargas
It was Christmas Day and my baby sister was only 2 to 3 months old. And before we open the presents we all take pictures under the Christmas tree with her. And after we finish with the pictures we open the presents. I got a toy dog, my mom got clothes and cooking stuff. After we all open are presents we eat food and sing and pray.

My favorite Christmas memory
Chloe Babcock
My favorite Christmas memory is when my sister and I woke up at 5:00 in the morning to open presents and wake up our parents and our grandma too. I remember my sister and I would be whining because my parents would have to drink a bunch of coffee to wake up and they said we couldn’t open our presents until they were ready, but we could open our stockings and eat cookies while we were waiting. After they were finally done “waking up” we got to open presents. Then that night, my family and I would do on a ride around town and look at all of the Christmas lights and decorations.

Christmas Joy
Alicia Riker
When I thought of the Christmas
I shot up with joy
But I still had lots to do
I have gifts to buy for all my lovely family
I have to rush from store to store
But all the Christmas songs
And all the Christmas movies
Get me in the mood for Christmas of course!

Christmas Morning Corey Stoutenburg
It was about five years ago on Christmas Eve I asked for a new puppy so my other dog had a friend. I woke up on Christmas morning, ran to the Christmas tree and there she was standing next to my mom. A small brown and black dog staring right at me. Her breed is boxer, lab, and great dane mixed. We decided to name her Roxy she is 6 years old now.

My Favorite Christmas Memory
Michael Craven II
So my favorite Christmas memory was last year when I was in Florida. We went to Universal Studios during the day and then we went back to our houses. My aunt Ashley and her two friends stayed in one of the houses and I stayed at the other with my cousin and my parents. In the middle of the night, I went to the other house that my aunt was staying in and I stole my aunt’s friend Kyle’s pants and the next morning before we left he got so mad that he couldn’t find his pants and it was the best thing I’ve ever seen. Then on the way home, I watched Harry Potter the whole time.

The Power Ranger Christmas
Jaden Villalpando
It’s Christmas morning and as usual, I’m the first one awake, at this time I was about seven years old. I remember walking across the hall to my little brother’s room and looking to see if he was up and he was sitting up in his bed. When I peeked my head in the doorway he turned his head and looked at me. I told him that it was Christmas and that we had to go wake our parents up to see if we could open presents. Vincents smiles a bright big smile and yells,
“It’s Christmas!”
I walk in his room and tell him to go wake our parents up. As Vincent’s going down the stairs to go get our parents I go in the kitchen and get myself a glass of orange juice and go sit on the floor in the living room. As I was sitting on the living room floor looking out the window across the street and I see my best friend and older brother as well as her parents already up and opening presents. I wave but she didn’t see me as I take a sip of my orange juice I hear my parents and my brother walk up the stairs. When everybody is up here and all the presents are passed out my brother begins to tear into the biggest present he has. Once it’s open He screams,
“It’s a Power Ranger!!”
My parents then explain that it was from me and that he should say thank you but being only 2 years old and not having any manners he turns and says to me,
“It’s mine, you can’t touch it.”

My Best Christmas
David Vargas
My best Christmas memory was last year when all my family was there and we were eating, talking, laughing and my cousin picked me up and threw me on the couch and did it again and that was so fun. I ate in the living room where all my cousins were and I actually fell off the chair while laughing. My other cousin asked me to play with him on PS4 and he challenged me so I said yes and once we were done it was time to open presents. I got the best presents I’ve ever gotten and once we were done with that it was time to clean up and then back to talking. All of us slept in the same house and the next morning came and my little cousins were running to the tree and of course I was sleeping next to the tree. My presents weren’t there so I had to go back to my house and opened my presents and I got a gaming chair and new games for my PS4.
We ate a lot like turkey and other stuff and I was watching the football game with my dad (GO COWBOYS). I just want to say that you have to enjoy and cherish all your moments with your family and be grateful for your Christmas.

My Christmas Eve Memory
Estefany Figueroa
One day on Christmas Eve, my entire family was playing Secret Santa during the night. After we had taken turns of who got who, it was finally my turn and I knew who I got was right. Once I gave my person their present they got so excited and said, “Thank you!” I was so happy for who got me because they had got me a pair of shoes that I have wanted for the longest time. I had the best time ever. Even before we had got to do the Secret Santa we played a game including gifts. The game had to do something where you choose a piece of paper and it has a number, but also so does a gift. After some time had happened we finally grabbed the gift that was the number we chose, and my number was seven which also is my lucky number. My gift had also been a candy bar and some money, which I probably should have kept but I didn’t because I wanted something else. Later then everyone could switch if the number they got was lower than theirs. At the end of the game, my cousin got a Monopoly game which I had wanted because I didn’t want a dress. I then argued with my cousin so that she could switch me because I was able to do that. After that, her mom had told her that she had to give it to me because I was younger, so then we just spent the rest of the day playing and waiting for Christmas.

The Unknown Christmas Story
Madilyn Taylor
One day on Christmas Eve, it was snowing and there were a lot of people getting ready for Christmas day. They started their Cookies for Santa. They ended up having a burnt batch, and an awesome batch. The children were writing their notes for Santa. They only wanted very little of things. Then once they got to bed, around 3:00 a.m Santa came to do his job and give the children some gifts. When they woke they seen many gifts under the tree. tagged for mom, the puppy, and all the children.

Best gift ever
Christian Rager
On the cold wintry day of Christmas it was early in the morning, we were opening our presents. I was sitting there watching my family open their gifts and I saw my brother got a new Nintendo DS. That was his big present. I was so excited to see what I would get. My parents told me to get up and we walked to the garage door. At the time I had no idea what we were doing there but I didn’t care, I was super excited. They opened the garage door and I was so happy to see what I got. It was my very own four-wheeler! I rode it for hours and when I was done I was freezing but it was so fun. That was five years ago and I still ride it to this day.

Christmas poem
Sebastian Salcedo
One day Santa came and he said hohoho
I saw him and said woah woah woah
Then he saw me by the tree
And he tackled me
I said why did you do that
He said hohoho
Then I saw him in his sled
And he said hohoho Merry Christmas
But at last December brings Christmas at the end

The Christmas Ghost
Addison Hitch
T’was Christmas night and Naomi was awoken in the middle of slumber, to a ghastly moan. It seemed lonely, but it was sort of comforting; like singing almost. But, with her body trembling in fear and curiosity, She had to check it out.
She grabbed her flashlight, and a pillow just in case she had to protect her face. She had opened her bedroom door, which was close to her parent’s room.
The sound was coming from the living room, which was unexpected. She walked down the stairs and saw her rocking chair moving back and forth. There was a faded figure; it looked like her deceased grandmother, Iris. “Hello my grandchild,” The dead grandmother said greeting her granddaughter. Naomi stuttered in relief that it..or she..wasn’t dangerous, but it was still scary. “H..hello grandmother. What are you doing at this time of night? It is Christmas Eve!” Naomi said, hoping she could just could go back to sleep. “Well Naomi, I was sent here to check up upon you, to make sure you weren’t doing any mischief.” Naomi was surprised but said something that shocked her grandmother. “I have been good this year but, Mother and father have been fighting lately. Do you think they will get a divorce?”
Naomi was sad when she heard her parents fighting for the first time. She ran to her room and cried, wanting it to go back to normal. She told her grandma the story of how it started, and once after that, the dead grandma was devastated. She told Naomi, “do something about it then! Don’t just stand there! Go! To solve your problems.” Then the grandma disappeared and Naomi solved her parent’s argument and had a great Christmas.

Family Tradition
Meredith Wampler
Me and my family have a lot of CHRISTmas traditions. One of my favorite traditions is on CHRISTmas day before we begin opening all of our presents and playing with our toys, we read the CHRISTmas story. If you don’t know what the CHRISTmas story is let me tell you – the CHRISTmas story is in the Bible found in the book of Luke. It tells how Jesus was born and that he is the son of God! He is the only reason for CHRISTmas!

My Favorite Christmas Memories
Matthew Evans
My favorite memories from the holidays were with my dog Hunter. He passed away in July this year. He was 10 years old. It will be weird without him this year.
My first memory I am going to share is when I was younger. I would go to North Pole Night at Borland and Weston. We would get presents for all of us including Hunter and every year when we would get home he would sniff every single present. Most of the years he get into the presents at night. He would bite the wrapping off the presents, then spit it out.
My second memory was on Christmas day when we would open presents in the morning. Hunter would always have to go crazy when we opened presents. Usually he would try and jump over you for some odd reason. He would run around our house like 50 times, but thankfully he was always scared of the real pine tree and would never run into it. If you threw one of his toys he would start barking like crazy, but he would never try and crawl under the tree to get one of his toys. One time we put his bed under the Christmas tree and he refused to go in it and slept on the carpet that night.
My last favorite memory was when the snow was super deep and Hunter would jump around in it. He looked like he was a deer or he was prancing like a little horse. He would eat so much snow he that it looked like had a milk mustache. He would eat it by shoving his head down right in the snow like he was bobbing for apples.

My favorite Christmas memory
Justin Stinson
My favorite Christmas memory is when there was a Christmas miracle. My dad was able to get my snowmobile running.I was able to spend my Christmas vacation snowmobiling. My dog Bella would chase me and then Bella would fall on her face into the cold snow. Then I would come back on my snowmobile and Bella would chase me down barking and trying to bite at the skies as I was riding our trails.Then I would go onto the frozen lake and Bella would give up because I would go to fast for her on the wide open frozen lake. All of a sudden Bella would come out of nowhere and chase me down barking until I would get off the snowmobile. Then Bella would jump and bark then tackle me down to the ground. When I would get pulled on the sled Bella would ride with me until she would fall off into the snowy weeds. Then Bella would chase me down and bite at my coat and pull me off of the sled.I would slide off and hit my face into the snow. Sometimes the snow was hard snow and very cold. Sometimes the cold made It hurt really bad.It felt like I was getting frostbite.Sometimes I would be holding onto the sled because I almost fell off and Bella would be biting and barking at my cold feet and ankles. I hope my snowmobile stays running so I can continue this christmas/winter memories

What my favorite things to do during the holidays
Kylie LaBranche
My favorite thing to do around the holidays is to put the decorations up around the house. My family has an artificial tree but we normally decorate a real tree outside around my dog’s house (she loves to play in the snow with us while we put up the decorations.)We then would go inside hang up our stocking in front of our fireplace in the living room. All the while singing christmas carols and joking around . We also watch “A Christmas Story” and “ Home Alone” while drinking eggnog and making cookies(eating them all while). I also love it when people help others in need like giving them food,shampoo/conditioner,and warm clothes.Another thing I love about the holidays is that there is no school so we don’t have homework. Even though some people don’t have houses or enough money to buy gifts for others you can still feel the holiday spirit in everyone big and small,tall or short,and adult or child.Although these are some of my favorite things to do my absolute favorite thing to do is to be around my family during the holidays. I love the holidays because people are so nice to others and treat them better so everyone on our planet Earth is happy and peaceful. That is why I love the holidays.

Christmas Time
Zach Duckworth
Snowflakes will be falling
On Christmas morning
At the crack of dawn
Children will shout out
“Santa’s been here!
And wake up every one
Wake up, did you here”
The sleepy eyed family
Will make their way to the tree
Delighted and thrilled with
The gifts they they see
The gifts will be torn open
Bringing joy and love
And a day filled with fun
As nighttime approaches
And the family settles down
Look very closely
For god will be found.

The Disaster On Christmas Eve
Matty Webb
On the day of Christmas Eve
The boy’s face lit up with glee
When he saw the Christmas present under the tree
He went to bed
Filled with dread
Knowing he will wait another day
Then he thought
About the present they bought
And decided to open at night
Then he was filled with delight
What he saw was a bike
Then his parents woke up
And made him take a 5-mile hike
To give up the bike
To the kid, he hated most.

Christmas story
Summer Belleville
On Christmas we always get up and videotape Christmas so that when we are older and want to remember what our Christmases were like. After that, we go to my aunt’s house and see all of them and open all of our presents from them. But the thing I like the most about Christmas is getting to see family because not all my family lives by me so I don’t get to see them often. So when we have holidays we have big parties and we get to celebrate with them. This is something we have been doing my whole life and seeing my family makes me so happy because all I ever do is laugh and we bring up stories from when we were younger. And remember past Christmases.

Holiday spirit
Isabel Lindquist
The night was snowy
But Santa had to be going
He was late for giving
The night was still living
The holiday spirit had to be real
The time stopped
And Santa revealed
the gifts he gave
And then Christmas day was saved

Winter Poem
Winter Muxlow
The snow drifts through the wintery air.
The warm fire crackles as the coals turn red.
The beautiful landscapes can’t compare.
Children are nestled in their cozy beds.
Lights are hung throughout the town.
The Christmas tree brightens the room.
No person dares to frown.
The aroma of Christmas cookies fills the room.
Presents are wrapped under the tree.
Kind soles give to those in need.
In the beautiful lights, I feel free.
We join together as a family.
Christmas joy is in the air.
Love and peace is everywhere.

Christmas Memory
My favorite Christmas memory is when my mom, my sisters and I went and visited all our family members around us and got to make cookies, hot-cocoa, pie, and cranberry sauce. Then all of us sat down said our prayers and then when we were done eating. We sat down by the tree and open our presents. Then when we were all done we said goodbye and went to other families’ houses and did the same thing. On Christmas, everyone gets a gift or something to bring home to enjoy that day or the next.

Christmas Memory
Tori Lestage
My favorite Christmas memory is when all my family comes over after church on Christmas Eve and we have a bunch of food and open all the presents with my cousins. Then my family leaves and my brother and I watch a Christmas movie we watch every year. We all go to bed but my brother and I stay up really late to see all the presents. The next morning we open all the presents and then later in the day we go to my grandma’s house for dinner. It is also really fun there. We open up all the presents and visit with my family because they don’t live by us. Then we go home after a long day and go to sleep.

Christmas Poem
Rocco D’ambrosio
Christmas how delightful
Hope you get no coal
Watch the reindeer come down
And Santa makes that sound
Ho Ho Ho Ho
Wake up looking for gifts
Family cooking breakfast
Get that wrapping paper off
It feels very soft
It’s a new sweater
And there’s a letter from Santa
He says this will keep your tum warm
Yea it will help the snow swarm

My Favorite Christmas Memory
Jacob Koralewski
I have many memories of Christmas but there is one special one. My favorite Christmas memory was waking up on Christmas morning with my family, then having an awesome Christmas party with my whole family. When people got to our house we put on Christmas music and started making hot chocolate. All my family came. We ate a really good Christmas dinner. Then we said bye to everyone and they left. It was a really good Christmas that I will remember forever.

My Favorite memory of Christmas
Jackelin Barron
My favorite memory of Christmas is when my whole family would get together and would eat and open gifts at my aunt’s house. In 2015 on Christmas my whole family got together and we had finished eating and every year we do karaoke. My sister asked my mom when we were going to open our presents. She said after we do karaoke. So we were all very bored and my mom told the kids that it was our turn to sing. When we finished, my aunt wanted to sing a song and her favorite song is called “This girl is on fire.” My aunt started to sing and when she got to the high pitch she had everyone laughing so hard that it woke us up. We started to laugh at her but she kept on going with her song. So now every time we go to her house we put on that song for her. And after we opened our presents we went home and we opened our presents at our house. After that, we went to bed and now we always have to do karaoke on Christmas.

My Favorite Memory
Hunter Shafer
My favorite Christmas memory is when my sister, my dad, my brother and I went sledding at a hill. So then we were going to race down the hill. I raced my sister and my dad first. They had an advantage because they were on the same sled and I was by myself. We were halfway down and I drifted over and hit my sister and dad’s sled but my sled flipped and I flipped with it because I was lighter than them. So the sled flew over me and I rolled a little way down. On the way down I hopped back on my sled and I won because my sled did not go all the way down. So I got up and jumped back on the sled and beat them to the finish line! Another Christmas memory is when I was going fast down the same hill and there was ice at the end. I turned the sled hard and “Tokyo drifted” at the end of the hill. I climbed back up and did the same thing again but I went too fast and drifted into the hay bales and flipped off of my sled.

Favorite Christmas
Ian Kelly
My favorite Christmas was last year 2018 because my family and I went on a trip to the Bahamas. We flew to Miami, Florida and two days after that we got on a cruise ship to go to the Bahamas, used the Norwegian cruise line. That was fun because it was something I have never done before and I got to spend time with my family.

My Favorite Christmas Memory
Elaina Stadelbauer
When I was about eight or nine years old, my older sister came into my room and woke me up early. After she woke me up we went straight to my mom and dad’s room because of course, they’re still sleeping. When we woke them up we bolted to the living room and had to wait for twenty minutes for our parents because they are super slow. When they finally came into the living room. My family and I started with our stocking stuffers first then we got to the bigger presents last because they are better. Our mom made us open the biggest one last because she said it was super special and that made us anxious. When we got done with all the other gifts we got to open the really big one. When she handed it to us there were more and more boxes inside. Then in the last box, there was a piece of paper in it. My sister looked at it first and almost started crying. When she handed me the piece of paper I read it and I looked at both of my parents and said “we’re going to the Arianna Grande Concert!” and she said “Yup” really happy. Then she told us that we were going with our friends and that made it even more fun. When we both read the paper our mom brought out these boxes and showed us the tickets and we took lots of pictures. That is my favorite Christmas memory.

My favorite Christmas memory
Brad Langsdale
My favorite Christmas memory was when I got my Xbox. I asked for one the year before but didn’t get one. When I got it, I was excited. I started to get more games and played them. I play games with my friends and eventually, we got better at the games.

X-mas Wonderland
Evan Dougherty
Christmas is coming
Snow awaits
Lights Shine
Beautiful ice dates
School canceled
Kids celebrate
Sledding fun
As girls skate
Movie nights
Snowy flights
X-mas Wonderland,
With Christmas Delight!

The Merriest Christmas
Madison Fileccia
One year I had the merriest Christmas. I was drinking hot cocoa by the window sill, snuggled in a warm blanket. I was staring into the frosty winter air while watching my sisters. My sisters and I already opened one present because it is a family tradition. We open one every Christmas Eve. They were playing with Barbies they just got but one of them broke. They both started crying. I called my mom to stop making cookies to come stop my sisters from crying. She said “Go get them milk and cookies. Maybe they will feel better after they have some holiday joy in their systems”. When I came back they were watching “The Grinch” on the Tv. I gave them milk and cookies and sat down on the couch to watch it too. We watched movies all night. Soon it became night time and my mom said to me “I have a very special surprise for you Madison. You better get to bed to get it in the morning.” I went straight to bed.
In the morning I was so excited so I woke everybody up to open presents. My sisters went first, then my mom and step-dad. I went last. I was going to open my last present and I got super excited because everything was clothes and it was not that exciting. I tore open the box and inside was a little puppy. My very own puppy!! My mom said that Santa wants to give back for me helping with my sisters every time she was doing some very important. I was so thankful. This is my most merry Christmas.

Santa is coming to town
Gabriel Vlahos
Christmas is here
Time to spread cheer
With toys for boys and girls
Go to sleep
Don’t make a peep
Because Santa is coming to town

You better be nice
Don’t be naughty
Or else you’re getting coal
If your outside too much
You might catch a cold

There will be a lot of toys
For the girls and boys

The Christmas Game
Jasmine Becerra
My favorite Christmas memory is when we played a game of trading presents last year. All my family played it that year in Mexico. We each had to get a random present and then one person got to have it. For the little kids, the presents were already chosen for them. We got many days to have time to pick out a present. Then on Christmas night, we all played the game.
When our family said that we were going to do that game, I immediately picked out a random present. It was a box full of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates. In Mexico, they sell those chocolates anywhere, but they are always expensive so my mom helped me out with them. We found this box at my aunt’s store in the town that most of my family lives in, San Diego Jalisco.
The night of Christmas, we all came to our grandma’s house. First, we all had to eat, then we could go play the game. The way we played it was we each had a slip of paper with our name on it. Then we would put it in a bucket and one person would pick the papers. When our names were called, we would pick up a random gift and see what we got. Then later on if a person wanted to steal that gift, they could do it with no problem but it could only be stolen twice!
We had fun that night, and we hope to play it again this year. It was a challenge! When me and my parents do that game again, I hope to be the one to pick out the most amazing gift.

My favorite Christmas Memory
Kaitlyn Urudna Salas
My most favorite memory I have of Christmas is the first Christmas I had with my little sister. The first Christmas we had with her was in 2017. She was only a couple of months old and we had a great time with her. We were all opening our presents with her and trying to get her to open them herself. Everyone was so excited with my sister being there and they were taking pictures of her and my siblings as memories to keep.
Another good memory I have of Christmas is making gingerbread houses with all of my family and seeing who would make the better-looking gingerbread house. We had also played many games to play with everyone and even had friends come over. Also, each kid would exchange a present they had for another one that other kids had. Overall it was a great Christmas year and we all got what we had wanted and had an amazing time with our friends and family.

My Favorite Christmas Memory!
Sarah Plummer
One Christmas morning, I woke up to see bunches and bunches of presents. One I saw in particular. It was a big one too. I frantically opened it to find one of the best presents in the world! It was… A ferret! I was so excited when I opened it! But sadly. It was a family pet, so I couldn’t have it as my own.
But overall it was one of the best presents ever! I ended up naming it Rose because it was an albino ferret and because she had red eyes. It sometimes would freak me out from her reddish eyes! She ended up passing away a month later due to heart problems. But anyway, she was one of the best pets in the world to me!

My Favorite Christmas Memory
Addison Cameron
Every year my family and I will go to a neighborhood near the water in Port Huron. It always is decorated with lights on the houses, on the ground, and in the trees. We always will drive around and look for our favorite house that is lit up. But the most important thing we look for is the leg lamp from a Christmas Story. Whoever finds the most lamps gets to either pick what we eat for dinner or they get to open the first present on Christmas day.
One year we were driving down towards the neighborhood and we saw a ton of lights. They were all glimmering in the trees and on the houses while the lights of the other cars started to blind the view. This was a special night since they decorated about three more roads and decorated a spot right on the water. We watched it through our car and listened to our favorite Christmas songs.
Christmas Poem
Travis Bush
On a foggy Christmas night
Santa fell through the chimney
Broke his knee and punctured a kidney
Broke a leg and a toe
Broke his foot and his elbow

He kept his eyes wide open
Even on the wrong path
Santa stayed awake
Fast forward toward the hospital

They could find no wrong
The injuries were gone
That Christmas night Santa was good
He delivered everything he could
For the magic in him would keep him up

Nobody knew how this happened
The anomaly that occurred
They found out three nights later
The catering of old saint nick
For people realized how he so old
Yet so young

Fallen angels all around
For saint nick was like no one
To be back from the unders
For mysterious reasons
He was there for a reason no one knows about.

Favorite Christmas Memory
Andrew S.
My favorite Christmas memory was December 25, 2018. I woke up first and then woke up my siblings and ran down the stairs. I saw a big box! My mom and dad came down stairs next. One at a time we opened up our presents and last but not least, I opened the big box. It was a PS4. I was so happy! We cleaned up and I went to the TV and hooked it up. I played all day. My family had a good turkey dinner as a family that night. I still play with my PS4 to this day.

Christmas Memory
Edward D.
On Christmas morning my mom wakes me up and we go down stairs to open presents. One year I got an xbox and my brother got new games for his ps4 and my sister got clothes. She got the most, but my brother and I got clothes too, just not as much as she did. My mom usually makes us some hot chocolate and for my dad some coffee. After we open all of our presents we just sit on the couch and watch movies all day. Later my uncle, Grampa, and Granny come to visit and give us more presents.

Favorite Christmas Memory
Annabelle H.
My favorite holiday memory was when my cousins came over and we played games in the dark, like hide and seek. We ate dinner and we opened gifts. People started leaving and it was time for bed, but some of my cousins got to stay the night at my house. We stayed up playing and just talking with each other. It was so much fun. In the morning they went home but we got something to eat, laid around watching TV, and drank hot cocoa. That was a great Christmas memory.

Favorite Christmas Memory
Isaiah B.
One year I got to go to my grandma’s house for Christmas and we had a great time. We had fun getting presents from her. I felt so good when I saw my grandma and I gave her a huge hug. I told her that I missed her and loved her. Before we went home she surprised me and said, “Wait I have another gift for you.” It was a bike, football gloves, and some candy. That was my favorite Christmas memory. I hope you have a happy Christmas.

Holiday Poem
Damion S.
Merry Christmas
After Thanksgiving

Holiday Poem
Davey S.
Candy canes
Really bright lights
Trees ready to be decorated
Morning with bright sun
A bright day
Sweet cookies

Christmas Memory
Dilan R.
Christmas morning my dog woke me up early. I couldn’t wait until it was 7:00a.m so I could get up. Finally, I went to the living room and I saw all the gifts next to the tree. I began to open my presents, but my last present was the best. When it came to the last present I opened it and it was a phone and a case! I had wanted a phone for a long time. The phone was brand new and blue. The case was clear. After we opened all the presents we went to my aunt’s house and she gave me a Google Play gift card. I was able to put some games on my new phone. This is a Christmas memory I’ll never forget.

Holiday Acrostic Poem
Alaya U.
Members, many friends and family are here.
Eggnog, one of my favorite things to drink.

Hot chocolate
Ice skating

Holiday Inspired Poem
Zach E.
Ho, ho, ho
Tis the season
Merry Christmas

Favorite Christmas Memory
Jacob H.

One of my favorite Christmas memories is when my cats killed our Christmas tree. My cats kept climbing the tree, eating the branches, and knocking down the ornaments. They actually broke some lights. They finally knocked down the whole tree with a crash and broke everything, the lights, the ornaments, the branches, and everything. We couldn’t save it. They drank the dirty water out of the bottom bowl and sometimes they peed in it. Now we use a fake tree so the cats can’t kill it!

What Christmas means to me
Tyler Kanai
Having a great time opening presents
Reading christmas stories
Talking about what we think we will get
Making christmas cookies
Always have a hard time falling asleep
Staying with my family

Snowy Times
Wade Murray
I remember the last school year right when we just got back into school from Christmas break we had a couple weeks of school but it was snowing hard so we got a snow day but soon the snow dad turned into a snow month after all those days of no school we had to extend the day, it was not by very much though just by 16 minutes but we had to do that for the rest of the year we also had to get out late summer was already there by the time we got out.

Christmas acrostic poem
Heather Smith