Weston Elementary School

I wold like to be a raping preasents elf. I want to be named tinsel McJingly. first, I like to rap different coler preasents. Next, I like to do different coler bows. Then it is fun to rap preasents. Last, I am a fast worker. These are the reasents why i want to be a raping preasents elf.

I want to be a elf. I will be a good elf. I’m a good dekratr elf. I love dekratng.

I have somthing I want to tell you. Can I take care of the reindeer? I think I can handle it. First reason I’ve ridden some big horses with their saddle. Second reason I know reindeer love candy canes. Another reason I love, love, love reindeer! I know you can count on me Santa, I won’t let you down. I love you Santa.

Can i be a stoking stufer elf becuse stoking stufing is fun and makes you stron and i’ll do it fast becuse it will be super fun plus i’ll be cafol.

I would be a great elf this whole intire year and life. I would want to be a toy maker as an elf. I would make them the best toys ever. And I would make them really happy. Oh and I’m really quiet for an elf.

I want to b a elf this yer. I won’t to mack toys. Can you put Skylar on the nice list. I know she has ben bad this year but i love her so much. Can you put connor on the nice list to. because I love him so muth.

I think I would be a good reindeer helper because I like Anmales and I like to feed reindeer and I would love to see peples smiles sepashle the little kids.

I always wanted to be a elf. I want to pack the slay. I will pack the slay good. I will be a good good good elf and I’m good at finshing jobs.

I’d want to be an elf at the North pole. I’ll show you with these 3 reasons why. One reason why because my mom teached me how to wrap presents. Another reasn why because I wanted to wrap the presents I made some for them. My final reason why because I love to wrap presents, my parents love to teach me new things. this is why I want to be a gift wrapper Santa Clause,

I would be a graet elf becuse I would be good at being nice. I would be good at being a frind. I would be good at helping. I would be good at makeing the best toys ever in world. I would be the best toy maker elf ever!

I am a good decorator elf because I like Christmas. I like to help people on Christmas and be good in the Noth Pole. My mom taught me how to decorat a tree and the hose for Christmas. I love Santa so so so so so so much. I wil be a good elf.

I will gife you cookes and milk. Santa is your berd gray.

I coud be a good elf stocer becuz i am a fast elf and i whud stoc the stuf that you send me whith and can you send me whith a nother elf.

I would like to be a decoratore elf because I get the job done and my mom seaid I was a good help. Plus I bake cookies with Mrs. Claus.

It sould be a good idea for us to be a elf this year. I will want to be a stocking stuffer elf becuse it is easy to stof a stocking and you can fit a lot of toys in it. now I know how to be a elf.

I would make a good elf this year because I will follow directions. I would love to be one of your elfs and i would work so hard you will say wow.

I am asking you if I could be an elf this year. I think I would make a good toy maker elf. One reason is becaus I like puting stuff together like knex and legos. Another reason is because I build with what I have for example I will some thing out of pipecleaners, tape and cotton balls. Another reason I would make a good elf if becuase I am good at preparing toys when they snap off I can snap them on.

I think I would make a good elf because I love to decorat my tree at my house and my GranDam’s house. I make defrent themes in my room and at my GrandDams house too! I awlay make things pretty when I rap them and put them under the tree.

I can be a stcking stufferer. I am good at listener.

I will help you clean up reindeer poop ok is that helpfull i hop you have a good day. love your elf

I want to be a toymaker and I am rile good make a los of toy first. I wed a bunch of trokcs and cars. next build it and paint it that is why I would make to see if they work good.

How are you doing today? I was going to tell you that I think I would be a good elf for you Santa claus. and my first reason is that I am very good on games and I could make a bran new game. My second reason is that I am a very good maker. I will make the toys that kids want. My third reason is that I am a very good disigner and I could disign toys for kids.

I have been pretty good all year so can I be a elf. My first reason is I cam really nice to my grandma because I love her. My second reason is I like to make things because my dad might teach me to make toys. My third reason is I am really nice to be Grandpa. I do it because I love him.

I have been thinking that I should be a elf because I rap really fast and my second reson is i work very hard on anything its like working hard is my job and maybe Decmber is the time of the year that I work the hardist of the year.

Marry Christmas Santa. I want to be elf because i was be good in school. Reason 1 I can see a destanc I use that I can make char Santa got lost. I will help the Santa. I do somthing to reindeer. I will clen a reindeer. Plece can I be elf?

I want to be your elf. I can hlep you make toys for you and the kids.

I have a questions ask you, how do you deliver all of the present’s in won day? So any way, i think i should be an elf. My first reoson is because i can wrap presents. my secend reason is I can make toys. my third reson is I can stuff the things in the little kid’s stoking and thoes are my three reoson’s why I think I should be an elf.

How are you? How are the reindeer? I think I would be a graet elf. Because I am rel good at making gift and I can stay stel very long and I can hide very good. I have a other kesten. how do you fly rond the Eerth and how do the reindeer fly.

How do you get to all the houses in all the states in only one night. I think i would be a graet elf for you. I could help all of the other elf’s. I can also paint the toys. And I could wrap the toy’s too.

How are you doing this year? Santa I want to be an elf. My frst reason is I can tran the ranedeer. Because I like the cold. And I am really creatof. I can make stuff. Meredith

I have been a very good boy. I want a glue stick and some penlices and a t-shirt that what I want for Christmas.

How are you doing at the noth pole? I think I wold be a good elf. My First reason is im good at dance so I’m pert sure I can make dance toys. My second reason is i’m good at makeing a nut crakor. My last reason is I can paint that is why I will be a good elf.

How are you doing this year? I think I would be a great helper at the North Pole. My first reason is I can make toys so so so so fast my next reason is I’m on the nice list. my last reason is I’m good in school.

Santa I have been a Supper Sparty in Elamanty Schoole and I want to ask you if I can wriet a letter to you. First, I’m Supper good at building toys for littel girls and boys. I can knit cowsters and pan holders for my mom and dad and they both love when I make costers and pan holders. Next, I have been working wrilly hard and I have been a Supper Sparty in this year. I have walked in the halls like a 2nd grader.

How are you doing this year? I would be a great elf. My first reason is I can decorate ornaments. My second reason is I will test out toys. My third reason is I can work fast or slow. That is why I will be a good elf.

I want to be a elf. I think that i whuld be a good toy maker. I wuld be Santas heper is kase the presents fall.

I would make a good elf. I can rap good presents to make. And I am smart. Have a good day!

I love you you diliver presents to children on Christmas. When your done you go back to the North Pole and feed your reindeers because It’s been long day for you to. you could feed yourself and you could go to sleep.

I think I would be really good elf for your workshop my first reason is I’m realy good at creating and drawing stuff why because I creat things upstars I draw in my note book I make stuff down stars. my secent reason is I’m a great hider. You know my favarit game is hide and go seak.

How’s a going? Do you think i would make a great elf? Ok Im a tell 3 reason why i wolud want to be a elf. 1 Im so silly i bet some one would want me. 2. Elfs are so cute!! i mean amazing. 3. Im super funny and kind.

I want to be a helper on the North Pole. My first reason is that I want to be a elf I just want to help out and I like work. Reason 2 becas you help out.

I want minecraft. Im so excited to see you and to talk to you.

A computer is the best present because you can play game. You can watch Youtube and I like iftbecause you can take a picture of animals. A computer for Chrismas is what I wold like to have.

I want Star Wars the last Jedi because me and my brother can play with them. It wil be fun playing with it and it would be fun because we can play in the dark. Also we could play with my other brother.

I think that Christmas it the best because you got presents. I want a punching bag. I will have fun and my friends will too please!

I think that airpods would be the best gift because I can liten to music, work out with show my friends. thos are the reason why I want airpods.

I want airpods because they are travel size, wireless and small. Airpods would be the best because they are fun! I will use them when I am on a plane, phone and my tablet. Because they are fun.

I want a puppy for Chritsmas because they are very cute. I’m not going to hurt is feelings at all.

A phone is the best present ever because you have a good time playing games like Granny RoBlox the parcore game. it is fun becuse you don’t get bored and have something to do. And you can search up books and youtoube. Plees and thank you Santa. You are the best. I love Christmas.

I want a Iphone 11 Pro because it would be my wish come true. I want one so I can text my friends thing’s. I want one becaus I can play video games. And I can listen to music.

I would like a dragon toy! It will distract my brother and sister. It will be really fun. We will be really happy too.

I think the best gift for me would be fuzzy stuffed animals. Because fuzzy stuffed animals can be really good to sleeping with. And fuzzy stuffed animals they are really cute and amazing to sleep with. Also they can be a pillow for me.

I would like a Barbie Dream Camper because it is the best because it has bunk beds and has hammocks and you can drive when people are in the pool!

I would like a pack of bendy pencils. The pencils can write, move it is owesome! I want to bend it now please!

I now dinosaurs are dead but you can do it right. I hope you can do it? Can you make a hetrodontsoris toy. I wish that we can have a bed, food, treats and water for it.

May I please have new shoes and makeup and a stufd anmil just like you and slippers and I wood like some slime.

I have been realy good this year. I did my homework and help my family and clean. Gymnastics car, LOL, OMG LOL Dream house, Ipod, squishys some candy. I hope you and Mrs. Claus and the Elf and the raindeer are doing good.

I hope the elvs are doing well. This year I really want a nintendo and Mr. Sketch markers. I been being good for mom and doing very good in school. And I want glow in the dark slime.

I hope you are doing ok. So this Christmas I would like a invebelenik pen and a new backpake and 2 note books and a new bed and help me give my room a make over plecs and thank you.

I wot a Tik Tok pilow. I clen my room wen my mom side to.

I want plalats vs zombes nabrehood because I ben shareing the tv and my videyo games.

I hope the elfs are good. This year for Chistmas I would like a huverbord, minecraft games, pet fish. I have been good this year.

I hope you and the reindeer do not get somach aches from eating this year for cristmas I want a guitar, hidden side lego and a lama mug for my mom I’ve been working hard in school but I’ve didn’t give up I’ve like what everyone done.

I was being good i was being good to my dad so I want 3 pokemon sword.

I have been so good so I wood like some west sululers.


I want is a Ifon 11 proe, because I always help my mom clean the kichen and the bathroom and all of the bed’s to.

Thanks for dvlivring presins to all kids and this is wut I wont. I wont a dog set becus I gave my mom dad and conner a present.

I would like a goa for Chrismas becuse my bedroom is cleing but my bed.

I would love for all of my family members at home for Christmas because my Grama is leaveing on Christmas day.
Anthony T.

I think a xbox controller would be the best gift to get because my brothers wouldn’t have to take his controller from me. And he wouldn’t get to do my level because it isn’t his controller. Also I can play games on my controller. These are three reasons that a xbox controller is the best ift ever.

I would love to have 10 slimes that are in a kit. Because I do my chohs and I work so hard at school. And I share with my sister.

Hi Santa, I wont for evre 1 in my famuly too be hape. Ples and thack u. I wont too let my famuly too be hape becks evre chrisms smbude git hrt. So I wont evre 1 in my famuly too be safe oltogethr.
Scarlette S.

I would love to have a elf on the shelf becaus I was good this year and i never fight with my little sister and i always help my mom with chores and clothes.

Can I be a elf, I can make toy’s fast. I can help you in your slae to it will be fun. Can I be a elf plese. I can feed the randere it will be so mutch fun. Thank you.

I would love to have all my family come for Christmas. I have mist some of my family. I hope this Christmas is the best every.

I would love to get LOLs for Christmis becacse I love them and thay are cool and fuh to play with.

I would love to have a tramplen because I kinda help mom.
Anthony W.

A green bevlade arena wolud be the best, because it has more features than the blue one. I should get it bcuse I have been a good boy it has more features than the blue one, it is an activity for me and my cousins! Thes are the reasons I want a green beyblade arena. P.S. Pleas get it for me.

I what a netbo swig cecause I clen my room and it is clim and I what rc car because I hvp my mom clin the ckinc and it is clen and bos ball because i clin thie livom and it is clen

I really want to be just me and my mom and my dad and brouther for christmas. If we do it will be funner becuase we can open our presents in the morning and do our stocking after lunch.

I would like to be an elf because I make Robots. My next example is that I’m silly. My last example is I fit into small places. Id like to be an elf plese

I want a nentendo switch. Because I have ben good. Because I don’t get in trobele. Because I don’t have homework. Because I lisen to my mom and dad.
Jacob S.

I want a deren blanket and pilow. Becase I ckln my room clean win my mom clened it with all the catrs on it.
Jasmine T.

I want to be a elf. Here is why. I have been good all yaer. I have trured in my home work and I have been nice to my techer. I am good at makeing thing, like bags, dolls and even blakets. I like to help out by doing chorse or paking toys. And those are my three reasons. Why I should be an elf.

I would want a lego set for Chrismas please. I was kinda not lisening but I good sometime so can you please get me legos for chrismas santa.
Zechariah C.

I want a wody doll and it is so the part it. I love Wody dolls it is because Wody is my first favrit toy store 4 colrutr.
Wyatt J.

I Whot a Ifon 11 proe because i hulpd my daddy in the kichen.
Georgianna A.

I want a giant horse stuffy or uncorn this year. I feel like I desurve it beacase I have been good at home and school. It is relly cool. That is why I want the giant horse stuffy or uncorn.
Delilah P.

I would want a scrap bin. I clean my room kind of and help my mom kind of. I want it for more people to play. Thank you
Emily G.

This year I want a old downbekem or shrit becas I help my mom some tims with her stof and did my home work and becas i wish to my grama and grampa by santa have a gode day. merry chrismas.
Alex C.

I know I have not ben too good this year Im soory I try too but the thing I really would like this year is a Xboxo ne’s and minecraft and flornig ht to and foraz horizn 4 for it and too controloers one camo and one black.
Jorden B.

How do you fly around the hole wrold so fast? and I thik I would be a grat helper at the north pole. My first reason is I coul bring you milk and cookies. My next reason is I could help you rap givts. My last reason is I could help all the elfs make toy s and I love the toys your elfs make.
Brody G.

I wod like some hatchimals and LOL doll becase I halp arond the hose.
Kendy B.

I hope you and mrs clos are doing good. I have been helping my mom and dad and being good at home and schools. I rely wont blendr for chrismis plec my family needs a blendr but I mols whant a blendr.
Tristtin D.

I was rilly good this year. PLZ!!! Can I have a LOL dolls, $25,000 PLZ!!! Santa.
Berlynn S.

I have been good. I want new transformers. I want the super ultimate garage. My mom kind of needs a new toaster. I want the grocery gang garbage truck. My little sister, I think, wants the shopkins car.

How are you doing and I will like a nintendoe switch and Mr. Sketch markers. and I have bin good in School and at home and thank you for leting bookei come to are house. by by
Connor H.

Hi I’ve ben good. I wont a coombook, pokemon, pkheten pokemon, swed, cozmo, robot ok ok i cleaned I ben nice to my elf pickles.

I’ve been relly good this year. I want a gymnastics bar because I’ve been helping in the house also I want a squishg and tolly came on December 1st. She gave me a slime calendar.
Mady M.

For Christmas I would like a mini four wheller to race my gocart becucase my cosoin would ride my mini four wheller and who ever wins get’s candy and they get as much as they want. Thank you so much

I want a new computer because it is fun. I can watch youtube. Also, I can play games. I want a new computer because my old one is glitchy.

I want a puppy for Christmas because there are very cute. I will very very well. I’m not going to hurt is feelings at all.

This year I would like brithstone earrings and necklace would be the best because I like my brithstone color. First because I like my brithstone color. Next, because you can never have to many. Last, because they are pretty. Because I think brithstone earrings and necklace would be best because I like my birthstone color.


Capac Elementary School

My name is Sean. I’m 7 years old! I been good this year. Please bring a Nintendo Switch with a bag and I want games in it to please. Are the elfs ok?
Thank you Santa Sean

My name is Evelyn. I’m 7 years old. I’ve been good this year! Can I please have a LOL Srproies and a drese and a fotograf of you and a motrbike.
Love Evelyn

My name is Jazlynn. I’m 7 years old. I’ve been good and help. I want for Christmas please Pokemon car notes. I love you Santa.

My name is Christian. I’m 7 years old. I’ve been good this year. How are you Santa? How’s Mrs. Claus? the Elves are my favirite. I hope there ok too? how are the reindeer? Could I please have a giant Freddy plush, a Xbox and a Hotwheels playset.
Love Christian

My name is Camden Billings. I am 7 years old. How is Mrs. Claus doing. My favrit is the elf’s. How are you doing. I was good this year. Jade was good to. Can I plase have a ben bag, a toy. Merry Xmas.
Love Camden

How are you, Santa? Is Mrs. Claus doing well? The reindeer are my favorite. Are they ok too? My name is Nora Mandeville, I’m 8 year’s old. I have been working very hard at school. I have a lot of frendes. could I please have a blue huver bord and a christmas blanket. thank you Santa for taking care of all the kid and parents too.
Love, Nora

My name is Travis. how are you doing and your wife doing and elves doing. waht have you been doing. i got a new dog. cen i please get a toy truck with camper. thank you for the stuff you do.
Love Travis

Is Mrs. Clas doing good today. Are you doing good today to. And can I plc have a I phone 11, Intenod light, baby toys, markers. I been ok to be onist. My name is Xabdier and I’m 9 year’s old.
Love Xabdier

My name is Alexander. I am seven year old. I have had a few slipups but hold it together pretty well. I rerey want a bean bag char and Meltolown the game and I frgot the most import part is Mrs Claus doing wall? Thank you.
Love Alexander Gambrell

My name is Allie L Ferrett. I am jost checing are you and Mrs Claus doing okay. have I been good this year. can you please bring me picture frams and a book and some Splos for school. thank you
Love Allie

My name is Sawyer. Im 7 years old. I pleasy brig a real hamster and led laits and a kitsh sat. thak you.
Love Sawyer Smith

How are you. I am now 7 years old. Santa can you pleas get me a amacing doll house. I am in 2nd grade.
Love Ava

Are your elfs ok santa. What are you doing Santa. Can i plese have Madden 20 ipods. Thank you so muc.
Love Jaxson

How are you today thank you for my elf! My name is Kara. I’m 7 in haf years old. I’ve been good. Plaese dring a stuffed animal Rudolph and a phone with the back of the phone is Pokemon.
Love Kara Owens

How are you santa? And your wife and The elves. My name is Alyssa. Kin I pleas have a canputer and a diary.
Love Alyssa

How are you Santa? And your wife, elfs and the randbeer. My name is Harper Tesnow. Can I plece have a uoncorn activdy book and the holl seres of Magic three house.
Love Harper

Are you doing well? and mrs clas doing well? My name is Nathan. Can I plase have a I phon six and a play stashon for Christmas and a ninetendo swith. are the elfs doing well.
Nathan Wilkins

How are you doing? How are the reindeer doing too? I hope they are not making fun of Rudolph. Me and my sister and brother have been good this year. Can you bring my sis her first Barbie doll. Then my brother a Blaze truck. Then for me I would like a new Lego set. Thank you Santa I hope you have a good Christmas.
Love Frank Printz

How is yore wife dooen and yore elfes for Crimis. I want a toy Lego sets and a Lego boats and I am 7 years old. I have ben good at school.
Love Carter

My name is Christian. I am 7 years old. Can I have a xbox and xbox games.
Love Christian

My name is Brandon. I’m 7 years old. I’ve been good. Can I halve a poly sin and books and wif hefn.
Love Brandon

You are really nice and I like what you got me fum you. I wud like to have a dirt bike at my dads home and I wud not write my setins.
Love Adam

I whant a big lego set and you are a nice guy and I am sorry for toching your elf. is Rudolph nice is Mrs. Claus a good cook. Am i on the good list. i love you Santa and Rudolph.

I hope I’ve been good this year. I no wat Crismis is all about having your family. And I would never lose my Crismis spirit. I hope you downt have a favrent reindeer. I sher downt. It probably wodent be far. do poler bars live up ther? and all I won’t for Christmas is to give presens to my frends and family. haw is Mrs. Claud doweng. I hope good and haw are you?
Love Bryelle

I hope you have a merry Christmas.
Love Oakley

You are the best persin on erth. do you like pandas? I have a panda stuff anamol. I love Christmas. do you like Christmas?
Love Aubree

How are the elves and Miss Clas doing. I want a Poopsie Sapris doll and an amaricon girl doll and the exsesres and I want an iphon 11. But all I wand for Chrismist is all my family I just want a amazig Chrismis.
Love Alaina

How are you doing santa. How is Miss claus! How old is the elfs! I hope I’m a good gril? How is the elfs.
Love Allison

How Rudolph. My favorite thing last year was Boxer. How was the elfs Santa? and the reindeer
Love Alex

How is miss claus? How is the reindeer? I hoep I’m on the nice list and my family! How old r the reindeer? Marry Cristmas!
Love Michael

How is Mrs. Claus and the reindeers and how old are all of you? I hope I am on the good list this year becausez I know what Christmas is all about love gifts friendships and familyship. last year I love the kitchen toy and food toys that I got and my family cousins and friends loved their gifts and how are the elfs and how old are the elfs? Christmas is the best! I love you Santa Mrs. Claus elfs and reindeers.
Love Alejandra Sofia

I loved the heat blast action figure you gave me last year. Who is your favorite reindeer? I hope I was good. How is Rudolph?
Love Luke

I like Christmas because we spend time whith are famally and play whith are friends and I wish you Santa a merry Chrstmas.
Love Liam

I hoape it not to snowy. Santa how is Mrs. Claus. am I on the good list? haw old is the elfs? I what a dog.
Love Olivia

How old are the elves! How are you guys dowing! I hop that I was good! If you make evere buddy happy. Can I have i-phone 12.
Love Audrey Clement

Santa my favorite reindeer is rudolph and I hop I was good and how old are the elves and thank you for leting me have one of the dogs.
Love Tanner

Is Rudolph being good this year is mrs. claus a good cook. I love you Santa!
Love Addie

How is Mrs. Claus? Santa you are fun!

What is your favorite reindeer. I now what Christmas is about family. Merry Christmas!
From Braysen

I like when you give me a present every Christmas! How is Dancer and Rudolph? And how is Mrs. Claus? I want legos.
Love Dominick

You are one of the most nicest people on earth. How long can a reindeer live? How is Mrs. Claus? Did you send the elf when you came to the jubalee? Who is your favorite reindeer? Merry Christmas!!
Love Abram Cochran

I loved what you got me for last years Christmas. And how are the reindeer my favorite reindeer is Rudolph. and I know what Christmas is all about. It is not about presents it is about family.
Love Remy


2nd grade, Dryden Elementary School

I want a spider plush, new books for 2nd grade and gel pens, pencils, erasers, unicorn plush and a LOL, a poster of how to trien your dragon, a bunny plush.
Love Charlee

I hope you have a Merry Christmast. My teacher Mrs. Maday is the best teacher.
Love Holly

I want a piano and drum for Christmas and ten buckets full of Pokemon and i want a big big big binder and remote and a unicorn for me teacher and rainbow basketball and a drone and a mini basketball and a skeeball game and a gum ball machine for Christmas.
Love Kaden

I really want a kitten gymnastics and a smartphone watch and lot of nerf guns and stuffed animals with sparkly eyes and chokers and a frozen brush.
Love Allie Vermander

This is my Chrismas list. I want an iPhone and a watch and some books but unicorn ones and unicorn bracelts and univorn necklaces and unicorn chokers and unicorn ear rings and unicorn head bands and unicorn shirts, pants, socks, jackets, markers and a unicorn toy.
Love Stori

What I want for Christmas is a hoverboard and a slime kit and a lego box and bracelets and a phone and a air pod.
Love Hayley

On my Christmas list I want a RC car and iPhone and a watch not not a lot of candy. Last time I ate too much candy and I threw up.
From Logan

I want an electric Thor hammer for Christmas.
From Ethan

I want a pug and a watch and a hoverboard and iPhone and airpods.
Love Alexis

I want a RC car. I also want a drone for Christmas.
Love Josh

I want a Easy Bake oven and a smart phone and an iPhone and a Jojo Siwa watch and ten Hatchimal collectible and a tablet and a Poopsy slime.
Love Anna Maria Matson

I want an iphone 11, snake, xbox and monstur truck.
Love Spencer

I want that B-17 that is 920 dollars but I do not know if you have the money for it. But Please give me somthing WW2 related.
From Jackson

I wont stuffed animal Vaporeon for Christmas. I want Treecko stuffed animal.
Love Liberty

I think your right! Because you are the best I mean you give children presents for free. You are the best. I have been so good at school. I want a Nintenso Switch. I want Dragadons and turbo too but I want to much more.
Love Jaxon

Would you please let me have a new Pokemon pack?
Love Evan

For Christmas I want a smart phone and a watch and a hover board.
Love Sam

I want an iPhone and an Apple watch for Christmas and a electric dirtbike and a toy Santa and a xbox and air pods.
From Ryan

I want for Christmas How to Train Your Dragon toys and stuffed animals.
From Cora

I want air pods for Christmas. I want another dog for Christmas. I want a remote control semi truck and a YouTube camera.
From Domeneck

I want iPhone 11 and laptop.
From Aiden


3rd and 4th graders at Orchard Primary School, Almont

My class has been good this year. I hope my classmates get they want from you. This year I want Sony red or black headphones please. Merry Christmas Santa.
Sincerly Myles DiCenzo

We had to move our furniture around so you can get through the chimney. Also, Twinkle fell down from the LEGO shelf and our mom got oven mitts to carry him to his place where he was sitting. Please take care of him.
Sincerely Garrett

Hi my name is Piper Steinhaus and I love Christmas. When I wake up on Christmas morning and there is a smile on my face it is because there are lots of presents under the tree. Half of the presents are from you which makes me very, very, very happy! When I open my presents I just wonder, “how does he deliver lots of presents in one night?” This year I am asking for a keyboard for Christmas. Thanks Santa.
Love Piper

Hello my name is Shane. I am nine years old. This year I have been pretty good. The nicest thing I did this year is help my parents move. I hope you, Mrs. Claus and the reindeer have been well. A few gifts I want this Christmas are a gas-powered RC car, a new battery for my giant RC car and a foosball table. Have a safe trip on Christmas eve.
Love Shane

How are you? Hows the raindeer and Mrs. Clase? Are the elves all most done with makeing toys? Oh! by the way I should probley tell you what I want. I would like some slime or squshes, an ezay roller, unicorn stuff, Frozen 2 stuff, mermaid stuff, american girl doll stuff and you’ll see the rest on my Christmas list when I go to see you at the mall. Oh, it is hard or ezay or fun or boring to travel around the world in one night? Eny way, I better get going. Have fund saying Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Christmas.
Sinserly, Aubrey Hrubetz

Hello Santa, how are you? How are the Elves doing? I hope you are doing well and are staying warm. I have tried to keep my room clean and do my chores most of the time, so hopefully I am on your Nice List. I would like a basketball hoop for Christmas. I love to play basketball. Also, I would like to do to summer camp at Camp Skyline again. It is a really fun camp where we get to go swimming and learn about nature. I would also like a football, mine got chewed. Finally, I would like a pair of walkie-talkies. I think it would be fun to communicate with my team during Nerf Wars. We will have molasses cookies for you and some carrots for the reindeer. Make sure you stop and enjoy them.
Love Rhyland Schapman

I have been good this year. I hope you had a great time in the Summer because you deserved it a lot! I really want a marble track, some shoes, minecraft on my Nintendo switch, AR books like Jake Maddix, games, WWE wrestlers, shirts, finger football, math book, a football, art supplies, stick note, colored pencils and another dog.
From Blake

If I could get these things that would be awsome! For Rhianne I would like some more bord games she would play with me so we can spent more time together. For Alva maybe a little thing that can read stories, because Alva loves it when people read to her. For Mom a day were she can stay home and just do fun things with us all day, because she always has to work all day every day. For Papa a thing to help his legs get better, because his legs look very bad and he’s sad when his legs hert. For me a thing to help me not have asthma because I always have to use my big inhaller instead of my hand held one.
Love Faith Greathouse

I would love for you to give me twenty-five pit bulls. First, they have lots of energy to play with the one I have. Second, pitbulls are very nice. Third, pitbulls need a lot of exercise and when were on walks it would be nice have 26 pitbulls counting my dog on the walk. Fourth, they do not wreck your house. So please Santa if you can I would be happy to get more pitbulls.
Sophia Morfino

I have been good all year. I have been doing good in school I have been helping my parents when they need help, and I have been doing good on my homework. I hope I get all the presents that I want! On Christmas I will have a letter that says What do you do in the summer? As you probably know I love sports, especially football. Now I am starting basketball! I had my first basketball practice yesterday. I hope my grades get better for I can play basketball and not have to sit on the bench. I hope that you give me and my family the presents they want. I want you to also deliver toys to homeless and poor people to.
From Aiden

Hope you are doing well at the North Pole. Here are some things I want, not need. One is a Buzz Light Yer robot, Funko Pop and Toy Story guys. I don’t want much but I want somethings that are Toy Story. All I want to happen is my family to celebrate and to have fun and to play lots of games.
Love Colin

My name is Emerson. I hop my class gets what they want this year because there nice to me. And what I want for cristmas is cloths, neif guns, different kids of candy canes, I pad, Lost Kids on eath books, Bart Simpson seat shirt.

It’s Emma McConnell. So this year for Christmas I would like a rose gold Chromebook, some new shoes, a robe, cloths and also can you bring a girl elf? I already live with 4 boys! Including my pets 8! And the most important a new blanky. Thank you!
Sincerely Emma

This is what I want for Christmas. I want a new head set, gaming chair, more games for my ps4, new shoes. I hope you and Mrs. Claus are doing good and I will leave reindeer food on my door step. Marry Christmas
Michael Felosak

Hi my name is Colton Schmeiser. My grade level is 3rd grade. I am in Mrs. Nikolic’s class at Orchard Primary Schools. For Chirstmas I want a toy ninja action figure, a small book for drawings, I also want a Michigan Wolverine comfy pillow. A how to draw book. A new pare of sunglasses.
Sincerely Colton Schmeiser

I have been good this year. this year is going very good in school. For Christmas I would like barbie clothes, iPad. Merry Christmas

How was your summer? Did you go any where for vacation? I had a prettty good summer. I went camping a lot of the summer and had a very good time. One of the places we went to was Tahquamenon Falls. It was so beautiful. We also went to Cedar Point for the weekend. I also got to do a lot of swimming, hanging out with friends and family. The only sad part was my dog Star died. She was a golden retriever and 13 years old, in dog years she was 84. I am very sad and miss her every day. I really do not know what I want to Christmas this year maybe another dog. I know it will not take the place of Star but at least it will give me someone to cuddle with once again!
Love Ava

I love Christmas, not the presents, but I love spending time with family and friends. I also like Christmas because you come with your raindeers. I love how you manage to eat all of the cookies. I want to know if you can bring me a cute little puppy and it’s food and toys and yes I know mom and dad said wait until spring but I can not wait that long. I also love love animals so if you can bring me lots of lots of stuffed animals I would like that. I want to know how you fly from house to house in 24 hours. That’s why I love Christmas.
Love Giuliana

I want a Five Nights at Freddy’s Marionette Plus, 2018 Golden Freedy Exclusive Five Nights at Freddy’s Plus, Funko Fnaf Helpy collectible plus hot top exclusive, Fnaf Sanhee plushie Fnaf toy, Plus Red Foxy Kid, Fnaf Plus stuffed toy plush bear, Funko Fnaf Shadow golden Freddy plush toy and Fnaf Chica small plush. That’s all I want for Christmas.


Imlay City Christian School


Christmas is the best to me and my family and my dog Finley! My dog, and I mean loves Christmas because sometimes he might get a toy, treat or a huge dog bone. And our elf will give us p.j.s to wear on Christmas. Hooray!
—Molly Van Wormer

I love Christmas. It’s fun to spend time together. I like spending time with Jesus and family and friends. It’s fun to give gifts to other people. It makes my heart happy and makes my feelings happy.
—Mason Camire

To celebrate Jesus’s birthday and family and friends. It’s spending time with your family. The meaning of Christmas can be for everyone to celebrate Jesus’s birthday in different ways all across the world. I love Christmas because the winter weather makes me feel excited and cozy.
—Andy Loftis

What Christmas means to me is that it’s Jesus’s birthday! And to be with my family and seeing my cousins and the winter weather because of the snow. And getting some presents.
—Alex Lulis

What Christmas means to me. It is to celebrate with my family. And I like God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I love Christmas!
—Matt Kegler