IMLAY CITY — The Imlay City wrestling team earned a pair of wins in non-league action at St. Clair Shores Lakeshore on Tuesday, December 17.
Imlay City started their two-match stint with a 54-24 victory over Grosse Pointe North.
Israel Santaella, Cristian Rojas, Anthony D’Ambrosio, Austin Torres, Austin Herrera, Latham Perry and Joe Harper led Imlay City with triumphs by pin. Santaella took 2:51 to stop 2:51 to down Thomas Nguyen at 119 pounds; Rojas needed 56 seconds to beat 125-pound foe Aidan Ball; D’Ambrosio required 33 seconds to conquer Jacob Nowicki at 135 pounds; Torres took 4:24 to defeat 140-pound counterpart Joe Passalacqua; Herrera needed 21 seconds to best Darius Gantt at 152 pounds; Perry required 3:34 to stop 215-pound adversary Enrique Castronero; and Harper took 1:44 to to turn back Andrew Dupree at 285 pounds.
Michael Ashbrook (103) and Brian Parks (112) added wins by void to Imlay City’s cause.
Imlay City also squared off versus Hamtramck that evening.
When the final scores were tallied, Imlay City prevailed by a 63-10 count.
A group consisting of Ashbrook, Rojas, Torres, D’Ambrosio, Herrera, Hunter Hill and Perry provided Imlay City with wins by pin. Ashbrook needed 1:00 to best 103-pound foe Nasem Alhalimi; Rojas took 25 seconds to down Ahmed Almadcahi at 125 pounds; Torres required 1:32 to stop 135-pound counterpart Kenee Jones; D’Ambrosio needed 1:17 to turn back Kaise Aziz at 140 pounds; Herrera pinned 152-pound adversary Wasam Algahim (no fall time available) and Perry took 39 seconds to down Abrahim Alaatori at 215 pounds.
Parks (112), Dakota Sandzik (130), Perry (215), Harper (285) contributed victories by void for Imlay City.
Santaella was the other Imlay City grappler who prevailed, accomplishing the feat by a decision over Maher Alyash at 119 pounds. His match score was not available.
With the results, Imlay City now stands at 2-2 overall.

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