This letter is meant for the person or persons who decided to keep my son’s wallet which he lost in the parking lot at the Lapeer Walmart store on Saturday, Nov. 23.
I want you to know that the money in the wallet was to be spent on groceries for his family’s Thanksgiving meal and daily living expenses. He discovered his wallet was gone at the check-out after shopping.
If you needed the money, let me tell you how much he needed it. My son has been in and out of urgent care and hospital emergency rooms over the last two years due to Crohn’s Disease and multiple illnesses. He has struggled to work long hours to make a living for his family. He had just gotten paid after working 10-11 hour shifts. He had just missed three days of work and was trying to make it up. That money represents how hard he worked in order to go grocery shopping.
You also aggravated his anxiety by keeping everything else in the wallet.
You probably thought you hit the jackpot when you kept the wallet, but you did it at another family’s expense.
There are a lot of good people in this world but unfortunately, you are not one of them.

—Mrs. Frank Rund,