Watching for signs from my loved ones that passed is something I do on a daily basis. It is where I find hope and strength to believe they are just on the other side waiting for when it is my time to join them. If you’ve read my columns several years ago you would know I had experienced unusual phenomenon around the time and after my mother passed away. It was what inspired me to publish an e-book “Signs of Life After Death: A True Story” on Amazon. To make a long story short, I believe my mother proved to me there is life after death and we do carry on but in energy form.
Over the last week, our family had the unfortunate loss of not just one but two of my mother’s sisters just two days apart; both favorite aunts of mine. They were special women in my life that I will miss dearly. I was not there when they passed as I was with my mother so I’m hoping to get a sign or two that helps enforce my faith that they are now in a better place with all of their loved ones. I will definitely keep my eyes open.
People have asked me after learning of my experience many questions about the signs I’ve been given. There are commonalities in what people see after their loved ones leave this world. For me, I had been told by a spiritualist that I would be shown numbers and dragonflies from my brother, and feathers and dimes from my mother. Two different people had told me the same thing, and yes these things show up at times that seem not to be just coincidence but purposely timed. For my father, he shows up in my dreams.
No matter what people see as signs from their loved one, it can provide comfort. I’ve seen way too much for me to believe it is all just coincidence. Some of it might be, maybe due to an awareness of certain objects but what I have seen is somewhat mind-blowing to many. Some may think it is crazy but judging by the conversations with everyday ordinary people these events happen for the majority, and probably 90% of those who work in hospice would agree we are definitely given signs. You just have to be open to seeing those signs.
So much more has happened since I wrote my e-book. And so many have said learning about my experience has made them feel better about their own. I plan on a rewrite this winter and would like to include others’ experiences as well this time. Do you want to share your story? Let me know.
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