We all know a heartbeat is an indicator of life. If you believe that, you have an opportunity to protect lives now through December.
There is a petition drive in Michigan to obtain 340,000 signatures to protect the lives and futures of the unborn. “A heartbeat detected is a baby protected.” The Michigan Heartbeat Bill petition has been circulating around our state, with signatures collected in 80 out of 83 counties. Will you take a stand, by simply signing the petition in private? If you want to help even more, get others to sign a petition—your church, club, study group, neighbors, friends, relatives, holiday events, etc. To obtain petitions text or call Lapeer County Heartbeat Captain Nancy Williams at 810-292-0003; go to www.MIHeartbeat.org or stop by WMPC Radio Station at 1800 N. Lapeer Rd., Lapeer, MI 48446
May we be a voice for the voiceless! Last year 27,000 babies were aborted in Michigan. Even though we are 10th in population, Michigan is 4th in the number of abortions performed in our nation. If Michigan would have had a Heartbeat Bill in place last year, that number would have been closer to 500 instead of 27,000. Our petition can save children now, while protecting Michigan laws already in place that will be able to be upheld when Roe v. Wade is overturned.
We have a small window of time to put a law in place to protect any baby with a detectable heartbeat. With 340,000 signatures, the governor will not be able to veto it.
Let’s stand together in unity to save the lives of the unborn.
If you have already signed a dismemberment petition, that is good. That will potentially put a law in place that will make that particular horrific form of abortion illegal, however it will not stop other methods, so please sign the Heartbeat petition also.
To circulate a petition, print the name of the county in which the signers are registered to vote, at top center. If there is more than one county represented, simply use a different petition form. Sign your name, print your name, address, date of signing.
Then complete the circulator’s portion by filling in your signature, address and date. Petitions can be mailed to the P.O. box listed at the bottom of the petition, dropped off at WMPC radio station or contact Nancy Williams to have someone pick it up for you or to answer questions.

—Nancy Williams,
Lapeer County Heartbeat Captain