What is the big deal about Ukraine?
As World War II ended, three world leaders met to create a plan to prevent another country like Germany-led Hitler from trying to dominate the world and plunge us into another war.
Two world leaders, from the U.S. and Great Britain, looked at the third country—Russia—and realized it was the new threat.
Because of this awareness, under President Harry Truman, NATO was born.
NATO strung together countries to put a barrier around the Russian borders. The agreement was that if any of these countries were attacked by Russia, other countries would help defend them.
The U.S., Canada and other countries interested in corralling Russia’s desire to gain power and land also joined.
Ukraine is in NATO, and Russia has attacked and is still at war with them.
Fast forward. Ukraine desperately needs our weapons and monetary aid to fight against this Russian invasion.
Apparently, Trump saw this as an opportunity. Trump had been withholding money and weapons from Ukraine since this summer. If proven true, the reason is because he wants Ukraine to help him win re-election.
Our founding fathers were very concerned about foreign interference in our elections. Why?
Because there is always a bill to be paid. If Russia helps him again or Ukraine is forced to help, who will Trump be loyal to? Who can blackmail him?
And what does it say about us as a country, if extortion and bribery is now “ok” to win an election?
Trump’s response to being investigated has been to order people not to testify and to refuse to give up subpoenaed documents. He has attacked those that have testified, often putting them in danger.
The people coming forward to testify and expose this traitorous behavior are heroes. And our president is destroying us.

—Carolyn Medland
Lapeer Twp.