Abortion has turned into a political football with the Democratic Party embracing it as part of “individual rights” and freedoms and vigorously fighting for abortion on demand. The Republican Party has largely supported the right to life in all stages of life. I ponder though why abortion should be political. We should consider human life very precious.
Every November, Veterans Day is set aside as a national holiday in honor of all veterans. Some fought, some did not, but all stood up for this country. Would those veterans who possibly could give up their lives say “Oh I want to make sure that women can kill their unborn babies?” as part of their duty. I don’t think so. I don’t think a rational person would put themselves in harm’s way for more killing.
Currently circulating is a petition to end one heinous form of abortion—dismemberment of the unborn child. This grisly procedure is usually performed in the second trimester at 12 to 27 weeks. Does one realize how many children are prematurely born at 21 or 22 weeks an survive to become normal adults? I personally know of a young lady born at 26 weeks, now 26 years old and in perfect health. Just imagine this is the range of dismemberment abortion. One must realize some affected by this procedure are capable of a full life. Can we as a society determine that some don’t deserve to live and tear their bodies apart by dismembering them? I can’t fathom anyone who can live with the thought of condoning this.
Unfortunately Governor Whitmer said she would veto any bill that would prohibit this procedure. As previously stated there is a petition available to end this procedure, something she cannot veto. In this area, Lapeer County Right to Life has these petitions available. Contact them to save lives. This petition has fared very well in Catholic churches. As a Right to Life member I have visited many Protestant churches and received a “ho hum” attitude. Does this mean that Protestants are in favor of the death of unborn children? I hope not. They’re just uninformed.

—David Naeyaert,