Lapeer County is not as isolated as one might think. Rather, as the world is progressively globalizing, we are steadily more disconnected from that bubble. Our clothes and food are ever-increasingly imported, our workforce bolstered by individuals from those countries, too. However, the luxury of importing countless products to the States is not nearly as beneficial or necessary as the relationship that rounds out the other direction: foreign aid. Such assistance can stabilize and develop countries and regions where our core products are produced and improve wellbeing overall.
Writing in a letter to the Senate leadership, 121 Three- and Four-Star Generals across all branches of the Armed Forces stated that “many of the crises our nation faces do not have military solutions alone.” Rather, they said, “The State Department, USAID… and other development agencies are critical to preventing conflict.”
Precluding strife and sending fewer troops to fight in foreign wars lends to the development of burgeoning economies which gives way to American market expansion. It has been said that the world’s four billion impoverished people are the largest untapped market, but their development shows as businesses like Dunkin’ Donuts even opens in Africa.
Saving American lives and cultivating global economies sounds daunting but it’s as easy as using our voices, which our government grants us the right to do, to say something. Legislation sits on the table supporting fragile, developing states, working to end neglected tropical diseases, and ensuring the education of women and girls across the globe. There are tangible rewards to backing these bills, and even our military sees it.
Our Senators and Representatives are waiting to hear what we think. If we can speak out and save the world’s poor while even benefitting ourselves, why shouldn’t we? Fantastic resources like pre-written emails, tailored call scripts, and more litter the web to teach us how to do it, so let’s.

—Jacob Lang
Bruce Twp.