As long-time residents and former superintendents of the Imlay City Schools, we are in support of the district’s November 5th bond proposal.
Imlay City Schools have a long history of providing students with a high-quality education while being fiscally responsible to taxpayers. The district’s reputation for excellence in education and financial responsibility attracts Schools of Choice students to our schools, and importantly, new families to our community. This helps assure that our school district is healthy and able to continue to best serve our children. And because we understand that the schools are the hub of any community, we know a safe, strong, and effective school district makes a community vibrant and healthy for the long-term.
As former superintendents, we understand the pressing need to improve the district’s facilities. We are in support of this bond proposal because it addresses critical infrastructure needs, will provide learning spaces to support the curriculum, and will make our schools safer for children.
The district has been careful and thoughtful in planning a bond proposal that will keep our district, our community, and our children, moving forward. To do so without increasing the current tax rate is a once-in-a-generation opportunity. We urge you to vote ‘yes’ on November 5th.

—Dr. Tim Edwards
—Dr. Gary Richards