Compared to many of your readers, our family members are relative newcomers to the Imlay City area. We have only lived here since 1975. Many of your readers’ families have lived here for two or three generations.
Our children, Christine and Brandon, graduated from Imlay City High School and both have done well in life.
Also our family has owned several local businesses that have benefitted from young employees that were educated in the Imlay City Schools district.
Much of this success is owed to the educators of this area. Also, much thanks goes to your readers that provided the resources to allow the educators to accomplish their mission.
We support the November 5 bond proposal because we know how important the local educational system is to our families, our businesses and the value of our property.
Ask any realtor—the quality of the local school system is a major factor in the viability of the local real estate market.
We are proud to be members of the community. We hope that we can all support the continuation of a quality local school system by voting ‘yes’ for the bond proposal on November 5.

—Ron and Christine Rickard,
Imlay City