We, the taxpayers residing in the Imlay City School district, have a rare window-in-time opportunity before us. The Imlay City Board of Education is placing a no mill increase bond proposal on the Nov. 5th ballot and is asking voters to please vote ‘yes’ on this carefully researched and thoughtfully crafted proposal. Voting ‘yes’ on this bond proposal will not increase taxes at all, but will keep them at the present 6.5 millage rate. This is advantageous for homeowners and business owners alike.
This no mill increase bond will allow the school district to upgrade security, enhance learning environments, prepare students for the job market of the future, provide much needed additional classrooms at Weston Elementary and allow for the construction of a 500 seat Performing Arts Center at Imlay City High School. We can elevate both the educational opportunities for our kids and the cultural offerings in our community with a ‘yes’ vote.
My wife has adopted a saying, repeating it often throughout the course of the bond campaign, “Old men plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit.” The logical question that follows is “why?” Old men and women, with the wisdom that accompanies age, recognize that it is their responsibility and privilege to provide for the generations that follow. As one entering my own “old man” phase of life, I urge you to join me in upholding this time-honored responsibility. After all, none of us paid for our own public school education. Our mothers and fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles, neighbors and even those who never had children of their own, paid the way for each of us.
It’s time for me and it’s time for you to stand together in providing for all the children of our community. Please vote ‘yes’ on November 5th to ensure that our schools are safer, smarter and stronger for generations to come.

—Robert Muir,
Owner of Muir Brothers Funeral Home in Imlay City and Imlay City High School Class of 1974 graduate