Watching the last debate among the Democratic hopefuls I was struck by the amount of “free” stuff they are proposing:
•Medicare for All
•College education
•Forgiveness of all college debt
•$1,000.00 per month for every citizen
•Guaranteed job for everyone
•Guaranteed affordable housing for everyone
•Government controlled rents for all housing rentals
•Reparations for slavery
•Reparations to American Indians
•Health care for illegal aliens
Consider the cost of just Medicare for All. United States Senator Michael Bennet, Democrat of Colorado, stated the cost would be $33 trillion dollars over 10 years or $3.3 trillion dollars per year. The total tax revenue currently received by the U.S. Government is roughly $3.6 trillion dollars. The only way to pay for Medicare for All is to either raise taxes or stop funding virtually every other government program including social security and the military.
To pay just for Medicare for All taxes would have to be doubled. When you add in the cost of all of the other free stuff the Democrats are promising, there isn’t enough money to pay for it if you taxed citizens at a 100% rate.
Essentially each candidate advocates a socialist state despite their protestations to the contrary. But, unlike the result every place else it has been tried, this time they will do it right and we will live in Utopia. If you believe that I’ll be happy to sell you my rights to the Mackinaw Bridge at a reduced rate.
George Will reportedly said “If you think health care is expensive now, just wait until its free.” So very true.

—John L. Lengemann,
Imlay City