Imlay City represents all that is good and right in small town America. In my years as a counselor at Imlay City High School, I had a front row seat to see the genuine care and concern that our community members have for one another. There are many people in this town that work diligently, and often times silently, to make sure that we are safe and people’s needs are being met.
Feeling safe and secure is one of the most basic human needs. Having upgraded fire alarm panels, surveillance, security and communication systems, a secure single point school entrance and improved doors and windows are all basic school safety needs. It is incumbent upon us, as community members, to fund our schools in a manner that our facilities are able to be repaired and upgraded to the standards that are now necessary to have a safe learning environment for our children.
The Imlay City community has an opportunity on Tuesday, November 5th, to again do what is good and right for our children, our schools, our community and our future. Please vote ‘yes’ on the ICS bond proposal.

—Laura Druker,
Imlay City