As a concerned parent who wants the best for our children, I take offense to the letter to the editor “Current proposal is mostly a waste” in the October 16 edition of the Tri-City Times.
It alleged that the school was out to “spend all the money they can,” and that they are conspiring to “slip one by the voters.” That’s not true. I would like to clarify that a large amount of time and effort was put forth to draft the current bond proposal with help from numerous community members. People from across our community were called upon to give their opinions regarding what should be included in this bond. As a member of one of these many sessions, it was quite apparent that the school was not out to “spend all the money they can,” nor did they conspire to “slip one by the voters.”
Our schools are in desperate need of updates for safety purposes. If we can include a performing arts center that will benefit the community as a whole in these upgrades, I am all for it. Finally, voting ‘no’ is not supporting our schools. I would argue that if you see fit to vote no on this bond proposal, then your support of our schools is questionable at best.
Our schools and our community deserve our support. That means voting ‘yes’ on November 5th.

—Dr. Laura Zelenak,
Imlay City