It’s usually fruitless to respond to unsigned letters containing misleading information and falsehoods unless they are widely circulated. That’s the case with a letter written by “Taxpayers Against School Waste” that appeared in the October 16 edition of the Tri-City Times.
The unsigned letter says the Imlay City Schools’ upcoming bond proposal is “mostly a waste of our money.” Not true. It would be a waste of money if the school district did not replace roofs, upgrade electrical, heating, and cooling systems, improve energy efficiency, and reconfigure our schools to accommodate expanding instructional programs.
Further, it’s ludicrous to suggest that a “multi-use facility” that would provide additional instructional space, house robotics, provide space for essential science, technology, engineering, and math programs, provide additional gyms, and have a “recessed stage” could be built for “only a couple of million at most.” Such a facility would easily cost in the neighborhood of $20 million.
The proposed Performing Arts Center has wide community support. This facility would not “sit vacant 90 percent of every day.” In fact, it would be in use regularly to accommodate curricular programs in the arts, school functions and community events.
Many of our community leaders and parents don’t understand how “you can support our schools and still vote no.” Actually, voting ‘no’ is one way you can stop supporting our schools.
The November 5 bond proposal was developed after considerable community input. There have been numerous community informational meetings, and the school district has solicited opinions from residents for the last several months. We owe our gratitude to those who participated in the dialog. The people we know believe it is unfortunate that someone found it necessary to write an unsigned letter that replaces real facts with fabrication.

—Eric and Melissa Whitney,
Supporters of
Imlay City Schools