Did I or didn’t I? This was one of the questions I asked myself a few times a couple weeks ago sitting at my desk. Did I take my pills? I did, didn’t I? Or was that yesterday I am thinking of? Oh my gosh! Am I getting old or what? Or am I just so distracted that I cannot remember? Matters not the reason I cannot remember, I need a solution. I have a real pharmacy I’ve acquired recently. But I am feeling better than ever so that’s great. I just have to remember to take my pills to remain in my state of wellness.
So, I did it. I took one more step towards my geriatric years and I purchased a pill box. Yep, it’s real cute, quality plastic, colorful and has the days of the week stamped on each compartment with a push button design, easy to open. It can store up to 6 fish oil or 8 large vitamins in each compartment. The first day I filled it up, I forgot to take it with me so I could take them before eating that day. Ha! So much for that. But in my defense, I’ve made plenty of grocery lists when I was in my 20s only to leave them on the kitchen table when I ran off quickly to the store. So I don’t think that age or loss of memory is really to blame. I think it’s more of a “not yet routine” thing to think about so it gets overlooked until that moment you need something. Mmmhmm.
Or sometimes you run on autopilot, right? Like when you get to work and don’t actually remember the drive. It’s not like you didn’t pay attention in the moment but once you get there you have a difficult time remembering the exact details of how it happened. Then you take your daily supplements as you do every day, on autopilot. Or did you? I’m going to guess most people have had a similar experience. Our lives are so busy, there is so much to do and only so much time. I am thankful in my job that I am busy, otherwise it is like time does wait for me. My favorite saying is “Time waits for no one.” But most times, there is so much it’s like we only have enough room in our minds for the present, it’s all we can do to get through the day.
Or it might just be me, getting old, needing a pill box so I remember whether or not I took my pills.
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