On Election Day, November 5 we, the voters of the Imlay City School District, have a choice to make. To keep our taxes at the same level and renew the present school millage, or vote no, which would be unfortunate for the community.
Many times a community is measured in different ways. For those that only drive through it, the time it takes to drive from one border to the other is all that matters. Individuals that shop in a community like to have an assortment of options to purchase groceries, apparel, implements, materials and sustenance. For them the road conditions are also important, but what happens in and about a community does not affect them. Citizens of a community value the place-making attributes of what they cherish and take pride in. These concerns could also be the roads and shopping options but it also will include quality of life and safeness of travel and entertainment or general commerce. As communities improve their infrastructure safety and soundness, another factor needs to be addressed. Access to quality education is a major factor in attracting new residents to a community.
The Imlay City school district has a reputation for quality education. It is with a continued regard for education techniques and services that the Imlay City School Board members have focused limited budgets and volatile state funding. These fiscally-responsible board members have helped lead our school district to attain the reputation that it now enjoys.
I have always believed that transparency in business and government is the only way to conduct oneself. I believe that when you explain the circumstances that exist and the alternatives that are in front of you, the voters will be able to make their own decision based upon their knowledge and the board’s ability over the years to manage bond funding appropriately. It is this group of community leaders that have very masterfully structured a way to not have to increase our taxes but are able to increase the quality of education and provide a safer, stronger and smarter education offering. We are not looking at an increase in taxation, will even see a reduction in millage rates after the ninth year down of the bond.
As an area’s quality of school district improves, so does the demand for people to relocate to that community. The city government has made many strides in recent years to be transparent in its process and I believe that the school district has done exactly that in its attempt to explain what its needs are and how it will address them.
I would ask that you take the time and support our school district and vote yes on November 5th.

—Walt Bargen
Imlay City