I am writing this letter as a senior citizen in support of the Imlay City Schools’ bond proposal. I am urging all senior citizens living within the Imlay City School system to vote and to vote ‘yes’ on this no new tax issue.
Our school district needs new funding to renovate our aging school infrastructure. Our newest building is 27 years old. The middle school building has an HVAC system that is more than 30 years old and very difficult to maintain.
The bond will provide the funds to expand classroom space at Weston Elementary which is operating at 100 percent capacity. It will also allow for the addition of a fine arts center on the high school campus which will enhance our fine arts program and raise revenue by being rented out for community use. Funds from the bond will also be used to upgrade STEM technology.
All the buildings were designed during a time in our nation’s history when school shootings were unheard of. This bond will allow major building modifications to improve security.
We are at a unique point in time when the school board can borrow capital funds at a historically low interest rate. Let’s lock down these funds before the rates start increasing.
Reflecting on my past 70-plus years, I appreciate the sacrifice my forefathers made to provide for my education. Please reflect on the benefits of your education and vote ‘yes’ on the bond proposal for funding our school district needs to provide a good education for our grandchildren and future generations.

—Arvid Martin
Vote Yes for ICS committee member, parent of a staff member and grandparent of 2 Imlay City students