There’s nothing like visiting with old friends from your childhood that can make you wonder how time passed so quickly. Having the sad misfortune of having to say a way too early goodbye to a childhood friend has brought back so many memories.
Susie was a very strong-willed person who didn’t let illness keep her down. She battled like no other. As was said in her eulogy, when we feel tired and in need of strength, we remember her.
Memories of how we never gave thought to being “old” or facing our own mortality as we hung out doing absolutely nothing, while our parents worked to pay the bills or were home busy cleaning or preparing our dinner so it would be ready when we walked in the door. We were oblivious as young teens, never fully realizing how grateful we would be once we gained a full understanding of being a responsible adult.
We all had that thought in common as we told each other of how our lives had changed, loved ones lost, our own children in college now, or moved out or getting married. What??? We all seemed to ask one another, “Where did the time go?” We blinked. We’ve been busy living that “dash” in-between our birth year and certain death. We are filling the time, raising kids, building careers, taking care of or have said good-bye to our parents, traveling, etc.
My wish is for those who are in the beginning of their lives to fully understand how every moment is precious. Every decision you make can affect others. While you need to live for you, you also need to remember to be mindful of how others are impacted by your decisions and take that into consideration. Live so you have no regret. Say how you feel. Let others know you love them by your actions, not just your words.
We should feel lucky we are still able to work on our “dash.” That funeral visit has reminded me about what’s important in life and the legacy we leave behind for our loved ones. As for me, I will remain focused on my family and friends that love me and also supporting those in need that I can help. It’s all we can do to fill in that dash.
In memory of Susan A. Smith, 11/04/67 – 10/02/19 RIP dear friend.
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