I would like the public to be aware of the bond proposal on the upcoming ballot for Imlay City Schools. Passing this bond is of the utmost importance. Without increasing taxes, we can make our schools safer for our children! In this day and age, it is important to protect our most precious assets. The fact that we can do so without increasing the tax burden is a rare opportunity. The bond proposal includes construction of secure, single point-of-entry locations at all schools as well as upgraded windows, doors, and associated hardware.
How exciting is it to live in a town that is growing to the point that we need more space in our schools? Without a tax increase, this bond includes plans for the construction of six classrooms to address increasing enrollment in elementary and early childhood sectors. It also includes updates that will provide lab environments and facilitate modern teaching techniques. A yes vote for this bond would help Imlay City Schools to stay competitive with area schools. It would potentially raise property values as school districts that offer quality educational programs and have up-to-date facilities contribute to increasing real estate values.
I urge you to get out and vote! If you are in favor of these much-needed upgrades to make our schools safer, smarter, and stronger, then you need to get out and vote yes on Tuesday, November 5th. As of November 2018, voters can vote by absentee ballot for any reason. We need your votes!
Do you want safer schools? Do you want competitive property values? Do you care about your community and the welfare of our children? Then vote yes on November 5th! And consider that failure to vote is equivalent to a ‘no’ vote. Don’t let that happen, cast your yes votes in favor of our children and the future of Imlay City!

—Dr. Laura E. Zelenak, D.O.
President and Owner of Imlay City Family Practice,
Member of the Vote Yes for ICS Committee and
parent of a graduate of Imlay City High School and two current students