Although a jail sentence might not have been practical, some Lapeer County residents might have liked to see former state representative Todd Courser spend a night or two behind bars for the embarrassment he’s caused his former constituents over the past four years.
At last week’s sentencing hearing, it was evident that Courser continues to put his own interests above others. Still clinging to conspiracy theories, he maintains his innocence even though the audio recording and text messages show he was anything but. The notion that everyone is out to “get him” has been Courser’s ploy to take the attention off his failings while still keeping the spotlight on himself.
He had the perfect opportunity that day, either standing before Judge Nick Holowka or the small group of reporters outside the county courthouse, to apologize to the people who he represented in Lansing for his misdeeds in office even if he didn’t believe he broke the law…but that didn’t happen. Last month he pled no contest to one count of willful neglect of duty by a public official but stressed that he wasn’t admitting guilt, only seeking to end the ordeal for the sake of his family.
The bravado he showed in Lansing hasn’t diminished much. Most people wouldn’t refer to themselves as “probably the most famous state rep to hold the position” over a scandal like his but, Courser appears to be in a league of his own.
He told reporters going forward that he wanted to focus on his children, spend time with them and take a break from politics.
Although an apology wasn’t forthcoming, perhaps his decision to step out of the public eye is the next best thing to saying “sorry.”