If there’s one thing I learned over the years behind the keyboard it’s the fact that every single person has a story.
There’s an entire library of information inside every person’s head that shapes their life, defines their being and illuminates their core.
I’ve had both the privilege and the pleasure of telling many of them.
Over the years here, people have shared their sorrows and their fears. They’ve shared their hopes and aspirations, their accomplishments and their feats. Some have unburdened themselves in ways they didn’t think possible, and have offered hope in the face of darkness and love in the midst of hostility.
I’ve been inspired by some stories, uplifted from the ordinary realm. I’ve also been saddened to the bone and crushed under the weight of tragedy and loss.
To all who’ve allowed me to share a story, I offer my heartfelt gratitude. I have learned so much, grown so much, and embraced new things in the course of the story telling.
My mind has been expanded, my way of thinking has been challenged and sometimes changed, and my walk along the path has been illuminated by the many lessons I’ve been entrusted to share.
This is way harder than I thought it would be.
It’s not as simple as putting down the pen.
It’s like an excision, a severance from my fingertips, which for the past 25 years have worn down a dozen or so keyboards typing out someone’s precious or salacious story.
This is way harder than I thought it would be.
Leaving both a calling and a clan behind. Relationships that have grown and developed over two-plus decades, relationships that have been a huge part of my everyday life. Greetings in the morning, well wishes in the evening. Lunches and dinners and parties and adventures. This work-family a safe haven, a harbor when the tides are shifting, a gift that has enriched my life in so many ways.
My colleagues here—Randy, Maria, Tom, Kevin, Paula, Susie, Rita, Denise, Lori, Tom C. Keil, Natalie, Beth, Kim and Delores—are like solid rocks in a sea of change. They have given me way more than just a job, and I am profoundly grateful.
Most of all, I am grateful to our readers. You are the spark for the flame; the fuel for the fire; the reason to keep going. I’ve saved every single ‘thank you’ letter, card and note. I’ve cherished every single word of wisdom and when compliments came, it felt just like a warm hug.
This is way harder than I thought it would be. It’s not as simple as putting down the pen…
…Thank you all, Tri-City Times family. For once this writer is left without words big enough, deep enough and strong enough to convey my love and gratitude for being a part of it.
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