An Almont-area woman’s determination to make improvements to a park that is part of the village’s history inspired others to chip in and help.
Known only as ‘Sid,’ in the story in this week’s paper, the woman sought no recognition for her role in sprucing up Murphy Park in the southern part of the village, across from the former Country Corner on Main Street.
A memorial to longtime Village President Edward Murphy, and to Almont residents who served in the Korean and Vietnam wars, Sid noticed that Murphy Park was in need of some TLC. She walked her dog past the park regularly, and thought it was quite gloomy and uninviting.
Sid felt compelled to do something about it. She stopped in a local landscaping and greenhouse business for some pointers, and her enthusiasm was catchy. Sid soon had the help of other eager volunteers who helped transform Murphy Park. Dipping into her own pocket, Sid purchased plants, mulch and benches for the park. Volunteers raked and edged the grounds, and the park is once again a welcoming place.
On the heels of vandalism at the Almont Middle School, Sid’s determination to improve something in her own town is a reminder that one person really can and does make a difference for many, and the pendulum can swing either way.