It’s been a summer of reading and books for our family and I’m pretty happy with that fact. For the first time, the kids and I have actually stuck with an actual reading program plan and found success.
It only took my seven-year-old a few weeks to read her age in hours and now she’s already surpassed the 10 hour mark on her way toward earning more prize tickets. This week my son should wrap up his challenge-having logged four hours of reading time, listening to me and his big sister read every dump truck title on the planet, plus a few others.
Currently I’m in the middle of reading six books myself. That’s always been my style. I read what I’m in the mood for that particular day and every day is different. My selection at the moment is pretty diverse largely due to the 50 book challenge I started in January. So far I’ve read 24 so the odds are probably against me finishing since we’re obviously past the half-way point on the 2019 calendar and this challenge is meant to encompass one year. My favorites so far include “Sea Prayer” by Khaled Hosseini, “Maid” by Stephanie Land and a graphic novel adaptation of The Diary of Anne Frank. I’ve had to intersperse those serious books with some lighter fare like the occasional paperback romance.
Typically I’m not a fan of rainy days but our rather soggy spring and early summer forced me indoors and I made a lot of progress on my list in March and April but when the weather straightened out outdoor projects called my name. Now all of those exuberant plants should slow down and I’m hoping I can hit the books again.
I think summer is my favorite reading “season.” I devoured books as a pre-teen during summer break, partly because I love the written word and it got me out of chores on occasion. Today, I try to carve out time during the summer to drag a lawn chair out under a maple and read at least a few chapters on weekends. It’s one way to relax, soak in the glorious weather and distance myself from the overflowing laundry basket, even for 45 minutes. I guess history repeats itself.
Here’s hoping you enjoyed a good book or two this summer too.
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