Area business owners have an opportunity to help a young person get off to a good start in the job market.

The Almont Chamber of Commerce has teamed up with Almont High School to offer students a chance to test their interviewing skills at a ‘Mock Interview’ event tomorrow (Thursday, May 2) from 8:45 a.m.-noon.

Participants from the business sector are needed to give ‘volunteer interviews’ to Almont students. The event is aimed at helping students build their resumes and hone their job interviewing skills.

Working with Almont High School teacher/coach Mike Finton, the Almont Chamber hopes to offer students two or three mock interviews so each student can gain experience with regard to job interviewing styles, and learn to prepare for questions typically asked during a job interview. Business participants are asked to use two or three of the following questions during their mock interview—students are encouraged to consider them as well:

•Tell us about yourself; walk us through your resume.

•Did you have any difficulty finding us?

•What are your strengths?

•What didn’t you like about your former boss?

•What do you think you can bring to our company?

•What accomplishments are you most proud of?

•What do you plan to be doing for work five years from now?

•What do you think are your weaknesses?

•What is the biggest problem you faced in your last job, and how did you solve it?

•How much to you know about this company?

The Mock Interview event will take place at the Almont High School Auxiliary Gym. A number of area businesses have already signed on to take part, and more are encouraged to do so.

Business owners who’d like to help shape the future workforce by sharing what they’ve learned along the way can also help make a difference in young peoples’ lives. If you’d like to be added to the ‘Mock Interview’ list, call Almont High School at 810-798-8595.