Print Shop employee Jaleesa Distelroth; DDA Representative, Dana Walker; and Print Shop Owner, Rebecca Homer; display some of the student art that will soon appear on banners in the city’s downtown district. photo by Tom Wearing.

IMLAY CITY — Imlay City’s downtown lamp posts will soon be adorned with colorful banners featuring the artwork of Imlay City students.

The student art was submitted to the Downtown Development Authority through an arrangement with Borland Elementary teacher Jill Campbell.

Campbell directed participating students to create art that is consistent with the DDA’s theme for the project, “Making Memories in Imlay City.”

In keeping with the theme, participating students incorporated elements of the Eastern Michigan Fair, Vlasic pickles, the former Blueberry Festival, rural lifestyles, farm animals, the old downtown grain elevator and similar artistic depictions.

Former DDA Director, Dana Walker, who is filling in part-time until her successor is found, said 45 student drawings (ages 5 through high school) were received by the DDA by its March 22 deadline.

Walker said 33 of the images will be randomly selected and made into 18-inch-by-36-inch sturdy vinyl banners to hang on downtown lamp posts during the spring and summer seasons.

“The artwork we received from the children is just incredible,” said Walker. “It reflects the different ages and talent levels of the artists. I feel all of the art truly captures the essence of Imlay City as a community.”

Noting there are only 33 lamp posts in the downtown district, Walker said the remaining 12 drawings will be saved and made into banners to be installed later on.

“The original 33 banners will be taken down in October to make way for our downtown Christmas decorations,” said Walker. “The remaining drawings will be going up in February of 2020, along with others we expect to receive through the continuation of the program.”

Walker said Jill Campbell has agreed to keep the student program going and to encourage students to continue providing drawings for future banners, presuming the DDA Board will choose to sustain the program over time.

Walker added that the original 33 student-made banners will be sold as keepsakes to the young

artists’ parents, grandparents or interested community members for $30 apiece.

Walker said Rebecca Homer of The Print Shop is still “tweaking” the design” for the banners, but expects they will feature Imlay City’s traditional blue and gold school colors.

For more information about the “Making Memories in Imlay City” project, call the DDA office at the Imlay City Hall at 810-724-2135.