In a breach of propriety a congressman from Florida yelled out during President Obama’s State of the Union address “You lie” referring to the president’s comments regarding his healthcare plan reducing costs. That the congressman spoke the truth has been forgotten.

Last year Governor Whitmer, during one of the campaign debates, labeled the claim by her Republican opponent that she would increase the gas tax by 20 cents per gallon, as ridiculous. Her denial, while true, was misleading. She actually wants to raise it 45 cents per gallon not the 20 cents she was accused of. Nothing like honesty from a politician. 

That’s not her only tax grab. She wants to tax all small businesses with a 6% tax to pay for, in part, her give-away to retired government employees by making their pensions not subject to Michigan Income Tax. All other persons with income from retirement plans will pay income tax on their benefits. Only retired government employees won’t. All taxpayers are equal but some are more equal than others. 

—John L. Lengemann