It seems that the Almont DDA (that many of us only very recently rose up in defense of) wants to get rid of the majestic spruce that graces our four corners. The article on page 15-A in last week’s issue doesn’t state what exactly is the problem with it. Is it unwell? Is it a hazard? Has the village’s insurance company found it to be, oh no!, an unacceptable risk? It seems only that it is doing what God and nature intended it to do. It grew. It thrived. It became a focal point in the community. And so it must go, to be replaced (in the same spot, mind you) by a much smaller, punier version of itself (which hopefully will not grow, thrive, or become a focal point). Maybe they should replace it with, wait, I’ve got it! an artificial tree, guaranteed not to grow, or thrive, or do much of anything, certainly not capture our awe or wonder. Maybe we should replace *all* the trees with artificial ones. How many times have those been replaced, DDA? More than once, I know, and still they grow, and make a mess! What is it with nature anyway? Is the DDA just trying to make work for itself? To justify its existence? 

May we remind the short-sighted DDA that many of us, not so very long ago, when asked to contribute to the memorial tree’s upkeep, did so. If they pursue this folly, I, for one, want a refund.

Editor’s note: DDA Director Kim Schall said the tree is a public safety concern as it is starting to lean at the top toward M-53, and pine trees have shallow roots. The electric service for lighting the tree is also “maxed out,” therefore the lights flash on and off throughout the season. Schall also indicated that the owner of the Speedway station, where the tree is planted, had to pay thousands of dollars to relocate their sewer system because of the tree, and it was their wish to have the tree come down. For more information about the situation, email Schall at or call the DDA office 810-798-8125. 

—Janis Grant