The 2019 4-H Spring Achievement/Style Revue was held recently at the North Branch American Legion Hall in North Branch. 

Evening honors for youth included:

•4-H Ambassador Court: Senior Ambassador Emma Bloss, Sydney Gavan, Isaac Conley, Sydney Kapushinski, Brittany Evans

Junior Ambassadors: Avis Schapman, Xavier Hosler, Addison Schultz

•Capitol Experience: Sydney Gavan

•Jr. Agricultural Society Members: Amber Spudowski 

•Key Club: Isaac Conley, Sydney Kapushinski 

•National 4-H Congress: Isaac Conley

•Great Lakes Natural Resource Camp: Abigael Fox, Avis Schapman

•County Awards Medal Winners: Agriculture- Emma Bloss; Citizenship- Sydney Kapushinski; Achievement-Isaac Conley, Brittany Evans; Leadership -Isaac Conley, Sydney Gavan, Sydney Kapushinski

•Project Medal Winners: Swine-Amber Bennett, Rowan Conley, Mackenzie Johnston; Horses-Brittany Evans; PEP-Sydney Kapushinski; Sheep-Xavier Hosler, Avis Schapman; Rabbits-Emma Bloss; Cats-Emma Bloss; Camp Counseling-Sydney Gavan; Poultry-Amber Bennett; Food/Nutrition- Brittany Evans; Hobbies & Collections-Alexis Hedgcock; Vet. Science- Emma Bloss; Recycled Crafts-Avis Schapman; Horticulture/Gardening- Alexis Hedgcock

•Cover Design Contest: 1st-Abigael Fox; 2nd- Sabrina Kosa

Lapeer County 4-H State Awards Participant: Arianna Wright-Mark of Excellence

•Teen Council Representatives: Abigael Fox

The Lapeer County 4-H Program also recognized adult volunteers, clubs, and outstanding supporters of 4-H at the Spring Achievement program. 

4-H clubs were recognized with a $50 award for outstanding programming. North Branch Finish Line Swine received honors for the Best Club Educational project; Busy Beavers 4-H Club won the Best Fun & Social Award and Rough Riders International won the Project Group Community Service Award.

A special award was given to honor Friends of 4-H. It went to Jennifer Hiltz, Jim Riehl’s Friendly Chrysler, Lapeer and Virginia Sheeks.

4-H volunteers are all extraordinary people who do extraordinary things to help kids, but every year the 4-H Program honors volunteers who have gone above and beyond by recognizing them as 4-H Leaders of the Year. This year the honor went to Thresa Schumitsch, volunteer leader of the Young Pioneers 4-H club. Outstanding Lifetime Leader Award was awarded to Virginia Ankley, leader in Moo Crew. 

Elizabeth Schumitsch, a project leader in Young Pioneers 4-H club, received the Meritorious Leader Award. 

—Kathy George, 4-H Youth Program Coordinator