CAPAC — Like other area school districts, Capac has had to amend their school year calendar to make up for extra snow days.

On Friday, the district announced that they’ve added three days to the 2018-19 year—one in April and two in June.

As of March 22, Capac had logged 12 weather-related closures. Six are automatically forgiven and the district applied for and was granted a waiver for an additional three days.

Supt. Jeff Terpenning said the district builds days into the schedule to potentially accommodate extra snow days, like the Monday after Easter. Originally, it was intended to be a day off for students and staff but that’s now changed.

“In cooperation with our unions, Capac Community Schools will be in session on Monday, April 22, 2019,” Terpenning said.

“This reduces our make-up day total down to two days needing to be made up. These two days will be added at the end of the school year thus moving the last day of school to Friday, June 14th, 2019.”

Also of note, June 12 will now be a full instead of a half day of classes. The last two days of school, June 13 and 14, will be half days.

In his announcement, Terpenning makes reference to the Michigan Legislature having discussions about forgiving additional snow days. If that comes to fruition, Terpenning said the calendar could change once again.

“We wanted to keep you informed and give you as much time as possible so you could adjust your schedules based on this new information. Should the legislature act and grant additional days we will communicate again with you and make the appropriate adjustments in a timely manner,” he said.